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What was it like for you ...? Podcast on business succession in Münsterland

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Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Good idea! Have you ever thought about business succession? But how does it actually work? What are the pitfalls and what should every successor bear in mind? Our podcast "Company Succession in Münsterland" is about exactly that. And not in theory, but in practice: we talk to those who have shown us the way. Personalities from Münsterland who have already taken this step and taken over a company.

Because there is no one ideal way - each and every one of them has his or her own succession story. In it, entrepreneurs from different sectors tell us why they made the decision they did, what their key to success was and what special features there are when you want to take over a company.

From succession within the family to a takeover that happens externally: With our podcast, we want to bring you closer to the topic of business succession and inspire you: Start your own business, build on what you already have and realise yourself!

Podcast information

The podcast is being produced as part of the joint project Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland. The project aims to strengthen the start-up intensity in Münsterland and to develop new start-up potential and target groups with target group-specific offers. The project Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Episode 18: How was it with Jacqueline Esplör?

For this episode we were out and about in Münster and visited Katharina Hovestadt in her brand embroidery shop. The trained seamstress studied textile and clothing technology and got involved in the company succession rather by chance. Originally, she had started there as a temp. Her boss at the time wanted to take over the family business, so she decided to take over the brand embroidery. In this episode you can find out what changes this has led to in her life, what ideas she would like to push forward in the future and much more.

Episode 17: What was it like with Matthias Schneider?

For this episode, we are guests of Birgit Hövener and her company Jalall D'or in Münster. Jalall D'or is probably known to many Münster residents as a market stall. Birgit has now taken over the online trade division to promote the online distribution of the delicious organic products. How Birgit came to this external company succession relatively by chance, what changes she wants to bring about in the company structure and what challenges she had to face, she tells in the interview.

All episodes at a glance

Episode 0: Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland introduces itself

Episode 1: Johannes Austermann, Scala Filmtheater in Warendorf, external company succession

Episode 2: Julian Sievers, Sievers Group in Münster, family-internal company succession

Episode 3: Daniel Hagemeyer, Hagemeyer joinery in Sassenberg, external company succession

Episode 4: Elena Siebelt, Hotel Residenz in Bocholt, family-internal company succession

Episode 5: Julius Gräler, Kootstra Rad- und Schiffsreisen in Münster, family-internal company succession

Episode 6: Jan-Florian Sichert, Stein Sichert in Lüdinghausen, external company succession

Episode 7: André Schulze Forsthövel, Brandschutz-Center Brinck in Münster, external company succession

Episode 8: Philipp Kleine-Ruse, Badgestaltung Kleine-Ruse in Gronau, family-internal company succession

Episode 9: Deike van't Westeinde, Intersport Conny's in Emsdetten, family-internal company succession

Episode 10: Michael Schultejann, Bäckerei Schultejann in Wettringen, external company succession

Episode 11: Benjamin Beloch, Kastanea in Vöhringen, external company succession

Episode 12: Christoph Fartmann, Landtechnik Fartmann in Warendorf, external company succession

Episode 13: Kim Heuser, Herotec Flächenheizung in Ahlen, family-internal company succession

Episode 14: Isabel Habla and Christopher Brunßen, Overnight Parcel Courier in Münster, family-internal company succession

Episode 15: Robert and Johannes Schneider, RFS Media Group in Stadtlohn, family-internal company succession

Episode 16: Janina Weiper-Rösmann, Weiper Friseure in Havixbeck, family-internal company succession

Episode 17: Matthias Schneider, Autohaus Schneider in Schöppingen, external company succession

Episode 18: Jacqueline Esplör, Stiftsbuchhandlung Esplör in Nottuln, external company succession

Episode 19: Birgit Hövener, online shop Jalall D'or in Münster, external company succession

Enjoy listening!

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Katharina Stemmer
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