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Women and foundation

In the area of start-ups, numerous women's initiatives have formed in Münsterland to strengthen each other and become visible with their businesses.

BPW Club Münster

Members of the Business and Professional Woman - Germany Club Münster e.V. are employees, students and trainees, self-employed women and entrepreneurs who see themselves together as a network, lobby and field for learning. Public events, theme evenings and political actions take place, such as the commitment to Equal Pay Day.

Frauen u(U)nternehmen e. V.

Frauen u(U)nternehmen e. V. is a network for women entrepreneurs and female managers. The network aims to make female entrepreneurs in the region visible and to promote the exchange and networking of women in business.

Network Company YOU, Drensteinfurt

Women entrepreneurs in Rinkerode, Walstedde, Sendenhorst and Albersloh establish contacts beyond their place of work. They support each other and see the success of their cooperation in, among other things, developing topics and projects together.

UFH - Entrepreneurial Women in Crafts

The Arbeitskreis UnternehmerFrauen im Handwerk is a community of interest of female partners, wives and daughters working in craft enterprises and female entrepreneurs in the craft sector. The working group is coordinated by the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Münster and facilitates a broad exchange of information and experience.

Landesverband Unternehmerfrauen im Handwerk NRW e.V.

The state association is a network of women from all branches of the skilled crafts in NRW, which focuses on the transfer of knowledge and personal development. All districts of Münsterland and the city of Münster are represented in the regional association. The contact persons for each sub-region can be found on the network's homepage.

Steinfurt District Network of Women Entrepreneurs

The network of women entrepreneurs in the Steinfurt district is coordinated by the Kreiswirtschaftsförderung Steinfurt and has been organising regular meetings of women entrepreneurs and freelancers from the Steinfurt district since 2009.

Visionen e.V. Network of entrepreneurs and creative people

Netzwerk Visionen e.V. is an association of creative women from various sectors. The aim is to increase economic success through networking and publicity.

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