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Innovation Poster

Innovation Posters for innovation enthusiasts and (do-it-yourself) makers

As a result of their further training as innovation coaches, the network partners in the NRW.Innovationspartner project present the Münsterland Innovation Posters. They have prepared familiar and newly developed tools for interested parties and offer them for downloading to ambitious innovators on this page - including contact options for the corresponding advisors, who can provide further information as well as advice and support.

Tools at a glance

Knowledge transfer and innovative project management

Research institutions can use the Research Project Canvas use it to analyse and evaluate potential project ideas. The tool promotes a uniform understanding of projects - even in larger or multidisciplinary teams.

The Project Radar for Research helps to systematically answer basic questions about research and development (R&D) projects, to identify strengths and weaknesses in the course of the project and to create a detailed overall picture of projects.

Stephanie Koch: koch@ta.fh-muenster.de

Stefan Adam: adam@ta.fh-muenster.de

Strengthening the innovative capacity of entrepreneurs

Innovation Performance Radar
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With the Innovation Performance Radar for SMEs small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) efficiently and purposefully analyse their own innovation and renewal capacity. Supported by the consultant network, the IPR can be used to establish innovation structures at the operational, strategic and cultural levels.

Dr Markus Könning: koenning@wfg-borken.de

Designing innovative events

Event Model Canvas
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Do you want to make your next event even more interesting for your customers? Then use this Event Model Canvas as an effective method for event planning - regardless of the type or size of the event. The Event Model Canvas Parkour will help you.

With the Event Canvas, you can develop innovative event concepts that will inspire your target group. Try it out! The fill-in example gives additional impulses for a first use of the method.

Sonja Raiber: raiber@muensterland.com

Keeping an even closer eye on customers

Value Proposition Design
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With Value Proposition Design you can tailor your products or services even better to your customers. In addition to improving customer orientation, the tool is ideal for developing product and service innovations.

Use the templates below to create a customer profile and value proposition and learn how to match both perspectives in the Learn Pad.

Christian Holterhues: christian.holterhues@wfc-kreis-coesfeld.de

Pia Tovar: tovar@muensterland.com

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