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Ahaus Marketing & Tourism

Ahaus Marketing & Tourism

Ahaus Marketing & Tourism
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Ahaus Marketing & Touristik GmbH consists of three shareholders: the town of Ahaus, Ahaus e. V. - Verein für Tourismus und Wirtschaft and Gewerbeverein Ahaus e. V.. Their passion is to make Ahaus a unique place for citizens and tourists of the town. Their main tasks include the organisation and implementation of events and city marketing. In addition, they are constantly implementing new projects and working to strengthen Ahaus as a shopping city and to increase footfall in the city centre.

They also want to make the Münsterland a unique experience for tourists and visitors to the city of Ahaus and are constantly creating new incentives and leisure opportunities, such as digital rowing on the Schlossgräfte or guided city tours with different focuses. Another matter close to the heart of Ahaus Marketing & Touristik is to make Ahaus a Smart City: The city voucher and the popular city tour have already been digitised, and a digital city quiz has been launched that Ahaus residents can play in real time on their smartphones every evening.

  • Tourism & City Marketing
  • 9 employees
  • Ahaus
  • A31
What Ahaus Marketing & Touristik offers as an employer
  • Respectful and fair interaction with each other
  • Various employee events

Fields of study sought

  • Event managers
  • Event managers
  • Tourism and leisure time clerks
  • Employees in city marketing / public relations

Entry opportunities

  • Training
  • Direct entry
  • Internship
  • Bachelor, Master thesis
  • Lateral entry with completed training in related professions

Jobs at Ahaus Marketing & Touristik

Are you interested in Ahaus Marketing & Touristik as an employer? Are you looking for a position or a job in Ahaus and the surrounding area? You want to move to Münsterland and want to know more about the administration? Then take a look at the careers page of Ahaus Marketing & Touristik and find out about vacancies:

Map: Headquarters of Ahaus Marketing & Touristik

Contact Ahaus Marketing & Touristik

Ahaus Marketing & Touristik GmbH
Oldenkottplatz 2
48683 Ahaus
0049 2561 444444

Living and working in Ahaus

What would it be like to work and live at Ahaus Marketing & Touristik in Ahaus? In our location portrait of Ahaus you can find out everything about the location, shopping facilities, childcare and housing options:

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