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Creditreform enables companies to build valuable and secure business relationships. With their qualitative economic data, Creditreform employees assess current business risks, recognise market potential and realise outstanding claims. In this way, Creditreform offers entrepreneurs a valid basis for data-supported and reliable business decisions. Creditreform has over 160 business offices in Europe and a worldwide business network. Together with its 158,000 member companies, Creditreform forms a strong and protective community that connects people and businesses.

Creditreform Münster has been in existence since 1899 and is located in the heart of Münster, directly on the Aasee lake. With around 40 employees, Creditreform advises clients in Münster and the Münsterland region.

  • Consulting
  • Around 40 employees
  • Münster
  • A1 and A43
  • 160 offices across Europe
  • Best-Place-to-Learn
What Creditreform offers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office
  • Company pension scheme
  • Employee events
  • Job ticket
  • Compatibility of family and career

Fields of study sought

  • Office management assistants
  • Lawyer's and notary's assistants
  • Business economists
  • Accountants and bookkeepers
  • IT specialists for system integration
  • Customer advisers

Entry opportunities

  • Training
  • Internship
  • Bachelor, Master Thesis
  • Trainee programme
  • Direct entry

Jobs at Creditreform

Are you interested in Creditreform as an employer? Are you looking for a position or a job in Münster and the surrounding area? Would you like to move to Münsterland and find out more about the company? Then take a look at the Creditreform careers page and find out about vacancies:

What employees at Creditreform have to say

Julia Aldejohann Julia Aldejohann
© Creditreform Münster Riegel & Riegel KG

"A family-friendly company that makes it easy for me to balance family and career. Thanks to short decision-making processes, I can implement ideas quickly and always receive full support for further training requests."

Julia Aldejohann, Human Resources and Marketing, Münster

Markus Borgmann Markus Borgmann
© Creditreform Münster Riegel & Riegel KG

"Due to digitalisation and the special challenges in the pandemic period, work processes are constantly changing. Together as a team, we are constantly adjusting the screws to make tasks simpler, more efficient and more customer-oriented. The crisis has shown that we are unbeatable here as a team."

Markus Borgmann, Accounting, Münster

Map: Creditreform location in Münsterland

Contact Creditreform

Creditreform Münster Riegel & Riegel KG
Scharnhorststraße 46
48151 Münster
0049 251 5353 113

Living and working in Münster

What would it be like to work and live at Creditreform in Münster? In our Münster location portrait, you can find out everything about the location, shopping facilities, childcare and housing options:

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