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Working for the Coesfeld district in Münsterland.
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Coesfeld district

Coesfeld district

Coesfeld district
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The district of Coesfeld is a municipal employer. The almost 1,100 employees work in a wide variety of professions and look after the needs of the 220,000 inhabitants of the district. A total of 50 different professions are practised in the district of Coesfeld, ranging from professions in the health sector and social professions to classic administrative professions and technical professions.

  • Public service
  • 1,100 employees
  • Coesfeld
  • A31, A43
  • Dülmen, Lüdinghausen
  • Family-friendly employer
  • Bicycle-friendly employer
  • Signing the Diversity Charter
What the district of Coesfeld offers
  • Company pension scheme
  • Flexible working hours, home office
  • Various employee events
  • Company sports / health measures
  • Company canteen
  • Job ticket
  • Job bike

Fields of study sought

  • Health
  • Architecture
  • Facility Management
  • Climate protection
  • Environment
  • Social Services
  • Information Technology
  • Administration
  • Security and order
  • and much more

Entry opportunities

  • Training
  • Internship
  • Bachelor, Master thesis
  • Direct entry

Jobs with Kreis Coesfeld

Are you interested in the district of Coesfeld as an employer? Are you looking for a position or a job in Coesfeld and the surrounding area? You want to move to Münsterland and want to know more about the company? Then take a look at the careers page of the Coesfeld district and find out about vacancies at the various locations:

Map: Headquarters of the Coesfeld District

Contact Coesfeld District

Kreis Coesfeld
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 7, 48653
48653 Coesfeld
0049 2541 18-0

Living and working in Coesfeld

What would it be like to work and live for the Coesfeld district in Coesfeld? In our location portrait of Coesfeld you can find out everything about the location, shopping facilities, childcare and housing options:

Your free time around Coesfeld

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