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The town of Velen is a committed employer in Münsterland
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City of Velen

The town of Velen is a committed employer in Münsterland
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The town of Velen (approx. 13,000 inhabitants, district of Borken), with currently approx. 90 employees in the various departments of the town administration, fulfils a multitude of tasks for its citizens.

Education, culture and sport are as close to the heart of the town of Velen as the environment. The employees take care of social affairs, ensure public safety and order as well as matters of building law and invest a great deal in maintaining the title as a state-recognised resort.

  • public administration
  • 90 employees
  • Velen
  • A31
What the town of Velen offers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office
  • Company pension scheme
  • Company sports/health measures
  • Further training opportunities
  • Job bike / company bicycle
  • Team events

Fields of study sought

  • Administration, Public Service, Law
  • IT
  • Urban development, construction, infrastructure
  • Garden, agriculture, nature, sewage
  • School, Sport, Culture

Entry opportunities

  • Training
  • Internship
  • Direct entry

Jobs with the City of Velen

Are you interested in the town of Velen as an employer? Are you looking for a position or a job in Velen and the surrounding area? You would like to move to Münsterland and want to know more about the city administration? Then take a look at the careers page of the town of Velen and find out about advertised positions:

Map: Headquarters of the town of Velen

Contact the city of Velen

Stadt Velen
Coesfelder Straße 14
46342 Velen

Living and working in Velen

What would it be like to work and live in the city of Velen? In our location portrait of Velen you can find out everything about the location, shopping facilities, childcare and housing options:

Your free time around Velen

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