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© Thomas M. Weber – webrock-foto.de

Health care, participation and well-being in rural areas are among the most important challenges in our region. As a regional innovation driver, Münster UAS dedicated itself to these challenges in research and practice from 2018 to 2022, developing viable solutions for the future and implementing them directly.

With the "münster.land.leben" project, Münster UAS developed sustainable solution ideas for the health and care sector that make life in Münsterland even more attractive. The project was funded by the Federal-Länder Innovative University Initiative.

In a total of 13 sub-projects, the goal of münster.land.leben was to promote the exchange between science and society, to develop new concepts and to anchor measures in the long term. These included, for example, a participatory health network in the district of Borken and new, digital forms of interaction to promote the health literacy of citizens in the district of Warendorf.

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The project in the university magazine fhocus

Would you like to find out more background information and details about the project? Münster University of Applied Sciences' magazine "fhocus" compiles selected topics from research and university life twice a year. The September 2022 issue focused on the project "münster.land.leben". You can easily download the magazine as a PDF here and read it directly. Have fun with it!

Healthy Lifestyle Community sub-project

Healthy eating: sometimes it's not that easy. Does your dish contain enough vitamins and fibre? Is the salt and sugar content too high? How many litres of water a day do you need to drink to stay healthy? Anyone who wanted to learn more about the topic simply dropped by the mobile showroom "opentruck" in 2022.

In the opentruck In the opentruck
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The mobile and interactive exhibition
Around healthy nutrition
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Do you have any questions about the project? Then send an e-mail to muenster.land.leben@fh-muenster.de. You'll get answers here!

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