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Best Employers Münsterland 2014

A 'great place to work' is where you trust those you work for, are proud of what you do and enjoy working with others. Based on the Great Place to Work® Benchmark Study, the list of 'Best Employers in Münsterland' was determined and published. All participants in the Great Place to Work® benchmark study were also able to take part in the associated "Best Employers in Münsterland" competition and apply for a place on the top employer list. The aim was to give special recognition to companies that have already developed a very good workplace culture
and to award them the Great Place to Work® Employer Seal of Quality. The award was given in three different size categories. Companies that were not placed remained anonymous. Award-winning companies in the "Best Employers in Münsterland" competition with 50 or more employees also automatically qualified for the supra-regional "Germany's Best Employers" competition. In addition, special prizes were awarded for outstanding performance in particularly important fields of human resources work.

The prerequisite for participation in the competition was the completion of a Great Place to Work® employee survey and a Great Place to Work® culture audit. The two survey instruments were weighted in a ratio of 2:1. The focus was therefore on the employees' assessment of workplace culture and employer attractiveness. Participation in the Great Place to Work® benchmark study for Münsterland was also possible without taking part in the "Best Employer in Münsterland" competition. In this case, the employee survey could be carried out flexibly throughout the year.

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