The good life in Münsterland
© F. Scheytt/M. Duschner
The good life in the

Our and your Münsterland

Münsterland can be anything: your destination, your workplace, your home. Your region.

Embedded in wide and cultivated garden and park landscapes, the Münsterland offers you the chance of a self-determined life between town and country, tradition and modernity, down-to-earthness and new ideas. Magnificent moated castles and impressive fortresses, modern towns and original villages, strong family businesses in beautiful natural surroundings: that's the Münsterland.

Located in the north-west of Westphalia, on the border with the Netherlands and Lower Saxony, our diverse region offers you a great quality of life in a green setting. As a central hub, the city of Münster impresses with a dense and lively cultural scene, young start-ups and a flair worth experiencing. The famous Prinzipalmarkt is a symbol of the successful combination of tradition and modernity: beautiful old architecture meets a high-level shopping experience.

Münsterland picks up on this mood and offers charming places in red clinker brick and elegant sandstone, historic town centres and well-tended gardens - but also plenty of space for innovative work, fresh ideas, living and life, for excursions, being outdoors, cycling, picnics or horseback riding. Many strong family businesses have chosen such places as their location and repeatedly bring successful products to the market that show the energy of the region. These businesses offer unusual challenges and plenty of room for self-realisation in work and life.

Go on a journey of discovery, pack your picnic basket and enjoy THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland.

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