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About living and working in a community of artists: Culture podcast "Mission White Flamingo" discovers the St. Josefshaus Art Church

The white flamingo took off again - and this time landed in Wettringen, more precisely in the St. Josefshaus Art Church: Anna-Ida Almus visited the Wettringen Artists' Community (KGW) there with her culture podcast "Mission White Flamingo". The podcast maker not only looked behind the scenes of a place, but also of a community. For their place of creation is a very special one: a deconsecrated church.

Anna-Ida Almus talks to the artists of this community about the concept, the philosophy and the special way of working of the group and, of course, also takes a look at the St. Josefshaus Art Church itself. Built in 1927 as part of the former St. Josefshaus children's and youth home, this building has written its very own history over the years. What exactly an artists' community is, what it's like to live in a church and what all this has to do with football, interested parties can find out in episode five of the podcast "Mission White Flamingo".

In this episode, the White Flamingo takes on a new perspective: While the previous episodes were always about cultural institutions and the people there, this time the Flamingo takes the listeners to independent artists. "For them, art has a very special value," Anna-Ida Almus emphasises. "And the fact that they create it in such a special cultural place makes the episode doubly exciting."

Incidentally, the podcast got its name because of its journey to special cultural places - in allusion to the flamingos in the Zwillbrocker Venn. Because the cultural places presented in the podcast are like the migratory birds in Vreden: special, but also somewhat hidden. "There are so many of them in Münsterland, and they all have their very own charm," Almus finds. So the White Flamingo still has a lot to discover ...

The podcast is a project of the Münsterland e.V. Cultural Office. You can listen to it at and on the audio platforms Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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