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Funding for regional cultural projects in 2021: Applications open until 30 September

Münsterland Cultural Office helps with applications

MÜNSTERLAND. Münsterland would be unthinkable without its lively arts and cultural scene. To ensure that there are innovative and varied formats to experience in the coming year as well, the state's "Regional Cultural Policy" funding programme provides financial support for cultural projects. The programme's total funding is available in full despite Corona. Art and culture professionals can still apply until 30 September 2020. Mandatory and helpful is advice from the Münsterland Cultural Office, which assists with project planning and filling out the online form.

"The cultural actors in Münsterland are creative, energetic and always surprise us with extraordinary ideas," says Andre Sebastian, head of the Münsterland Cultural Office. "Co-operations are particularly fruitful, which is why creative clubs, associations, municipalities, institutions and independent organisations are called upon to apply, in addition to private individuals."

Funding is primarily given to projects that meet the criteria of cooperation and networking. "You need three partners from at least two municipalities," says Sebastian. "The project partners should be equally involved in developing the content of the project. Cooperation between different municipalities is also possible."

The regional cultural policy also gives priority to projects and measures that support the cultural profile of the cultural region. Typical of culture in Münsterland are the areas of tension between tradition and modernity, town and country or down-to-earthness and innovation.

Exemplary projects that were funded in 2020 are the Münsterland Festival, "Heimat:Zeit. Intercultural Holiday Camps and Artistic Events in the Münsterland" by the artist initiative Heimat X, the Pianeo Festival for Neoclassical Music, the participation project "PRESERVED // ALTLAND - NEULAND" by the artist duo Scheibe & Güntzel or the festival "Keine Sorge/Don't Care" by the Center for Literature.

Contact: The team of the Kulturbüro Münsterland at 02571 - 94 93-23 or by email at

Those who want advice on the spot can also come to the "Kulturakademie" event in Senden on Thursday, 27 August, where the topic will be "NRW cultural funding". On Tuesday, 8 September, the cultural office will be ON TOUR in Nordkirchen and will offer individual advice on site. More information at

Further Information

Since 1997, the "Regional Cultural Policy" programme has been funding projects that strengthen communication and cooperation between creators and those responsible in NRW's cultural regions, combine forces, network and enhance the identity and attractiveness of the region. The state funding amounts to a maximum of 50 percent of the total expenditure. In Münsterland, the Cultural Council discusses the project ideas submitted. If it makes a recommendation, a formal application can be submitted to the Münster district government.

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Andre Sebastian
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Andre Sebastian
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Art & Culture Foundation
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Cultural Academy

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Eva Stannigel

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