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Climate-friendly renovation and living is possible - but requires some knowledge and planning.
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Münsterland is climate land: Online event "Energy refurbishment rethought - an opportunity for Münsterland?" on 5 October

There is still a lot to be done to make the building sector climate-neutral by 2045. Interested parties can find out how climate-friendly renovation and living is possible and what is behind the principle of "Energiesprong" on 5 October (Tuesday) from 6 p.m. in an online lecture entitled "Energetic renovation rethought - an opportunity for Münsterland? The event is part of the Münsterland-wide campaign "Münsterland is Climate Land".

The speaker for the evening is Uwe Bigalke, team leader for energy-efficient buildings at the German Energy Agency (dena) and part of the market development team for the Energiesprong principle. In his lecture, he will discuss the Energiesprong concept, a novel and innovative renovation principle. Bigalke also uses examples to explain to the participants what exactly the Energiesprong principle is and how it is to gain a foothold in Germany.

The term "Energiesprong" is Dutch and means "energy leap". The Energiesprong principle was developed in the Netherlands in 2013. It is supposed to make it possible to renovate houses and flats simply, quickly and economically, and to do so using the NetZero standard: according to this, the building then generates as much energy for heating, hot water and electricity as is needed over the course of the year. To achieve this, the Energiesprong principle relies on a digitalised construction process, high-quality, standardised solutions with serially prefabricated elements and a long-term guarantee of quality, functionality and savings.

After the lecture, participants will have the opportunity to ask the expert questions. The lecture is part of the series of events organised by the Münsterland districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt, Warendorf, the City of Münster, Münsterland e.V. and EnergyAgency.NRW as part of the climate campaign "Münsterland is Climate Land". It aims to inspire people in the region to do even more to protect the climate - but also to raise awareness of the need for climate adaptation.

Registrations are possible at
Participation is free of charge. Participants will receive the access data for the Zoom event after registration.

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