Winner of the Münsterland Journalism Award 2018
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Münsterland Journalism Award

The Münsterland Journalism Prize is awarded to outstanding contributions from all types of media in the categories of society/politics, culture/tourism, sport, business/science and cross-category creative presentation.

These contributions can be dedicated to very different aspects of the Münsterland: the role of the region as an economic and scientific region in the middle of Europe, for example, or the distinctive natural and cultural landscape in the Münsterland. Critical contributions as well as contributions that focus on the beautiful aspects of the Münsterland and its people will be awarded.

The Münsterland Journalism Award is intended to raise awareness among the population of the region of the important social role played by the media and journalism. Furthermore, the competition calls for reporting on topics related to the Münsterland and promotes the region's nationwide media presence.

These are the nominees of the Münsterland Journalism Award 2020/21

22 contributions in five categories have been nominated for the Münsterland Journalism Award 2020. This was decided by the jury at its meeting. All selected journalists now have the chance to win first place in the categories, each of which is endowed with 2000 euros. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony in August 2021.

The Münsterland Journalist Award is announced every two years by Münsterland e.V. with Pressverein Münster-Münsterland e.V. and Sparkasse Münsterland Ost as sponsors. The nominees were selected by a jury of representatives from regional media, the Münster-Münsterland e.V. press association and the Münster University of Economics and Business Administration: Among them are Andrea Benstein (Studio Manager WDR Studio Münster), Nicolette Bredenhöller (Deputy Editor-in-Chief Die Glocke). Chief Editor Die Glocke), Wolfram Linke (Chairman Pressverein Münster-Münsterland e.V.), Prof. Dr. Armin Scholl (Institute for Communication Studies at WWU Münster), Dr. Norbert Tiemann (Chief Editor Westfälische Nachrichten/Zeitungsgruppe Münsterland) and Lennart Thies (Chief Editor Radio WMW). They will also decide on the final winners.

A total of 205 applications from 138 journalists were received by Münsterland e.V.. The contributions submitted, which were published between January 2018 and June 2020, cover an impressive variety of media: Not only media based in the region submitted numerous works, but also representatives of media such as DER SPIEGEL, DIE WELT, WDR5, ARD and NDR. Sometimes with radio or television contributions, sometimes with online or print publications, sometimes with special photographs or other creative approaches to a topic. By far the most entries were again submitted in the category Society/Politics, followed by the categories Creative Representation and Business/Science. But also in the categories Culture/Tourism as well as Sport many different and partly also very moving works were received.

"We are not only impressed by the media and thematic diversity of the entries submitted, but also by the depth of research with which the journalists have dedicated themselves to a topic," emphasises Wolfram Linke, Chairman of the Press Association Münster-Münsterland e.V. "They are always digging up undiscovered stories and facts that are worth telling."

"This is exactly why good journalism is so important for the region," adds Klaus Ehling, board member of Münsterland e.V. "It always gives us new, fresh and sometimes critical perspectives on the Münsterland. That's why we're pleased that we can once again bring this regional importance of journalism into focus with the award ceremony together with Sparkasse Münsterland Ost and the Press Association."

The following works have been nominated for the Münsterland Journalism Award 2020/21:

Category Society/Politics
  • Heike Zafar
    "Verschleppte Aufklärung - Mutter wartet vergeblich auf Prozess"
    WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland
  • Maik Großekathöfer
    "In the haunted house"
  • Andrea Hansen and Hartmut Vollmari
    "Abuse Case Münster - The Role of the Youth Welfare Office"
    WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland
  • Gunnar Pier, Frank Polke, Mirko Heuping, Anne Steven, Carsten Voß, Stefan Werding, Claudia Kramer-Santel, Jürgen Stilling, Klaus Baumeister, Doerthe Rayen
    Series "Wohnen heute"
    Westfälische Nachrichten
  • Stefan Werding
    "The rock in the surf"
    Westfälische Nachrichten
Category Creative Representation
  • Lars Berg
    Photo reportage: "Im Geisterhaus"
  • Benedikt Brüggenthies
    "We stay at home - the digital music festival"
  • Michael Schmitz
    "Münster hält zusammen"
    Instagram and Facebook account muenster4life and "Münster above - Corona"
  • Oliver Werner
    "Münster Corona - picture series"
    Westfälische Nachrichten
Kaategorie Culture/Tourism
  • Rolf Heutmann
    "22-year-old takes over cinema in Warendorf"
    WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland
  • Carsten Krystofiak
    "Cruise through Westphalia - on the road on a cargo ship"
  • Silvia Ochlast
    "By bike to Auschwitz"
    Radio WMW
  • Christoph Tiemann, Hannah Meloh, Jan Hering, Vasco Tjong-Ayong
    "Tiemann tests"
    WDR Fernsehen Lokalzeit Münsterland
  • Stefan Werding
    "The real Wilsberg"
    Westfälische Nachrichten
Category Sport
  • André Fischer
    "Und täglich greüßt das Murmeltier"
    Westfälische Nachrichten
  • Henning Hoheisel, Uwe Gehrmann and Benedikt Miketta
    Multimedia series "The true heart of football"
    Die Glocke
  • Thorsten Poppe
    "Police Violence - Especially in Football a Problem!"
    ARD Sportschau
  • Matthias Schmidt
    "Der Kacktorskandal von Münster"
    WDR Fernsehen
Category Economy/Science
  • Britta Heithoff
    "Geliebter Wochenmarkt - Serie über die Marktbeschicker auf dem Wochenmarkt Münster"
    Münster Urban
  • Max Meis
    Report: "Young female undertakers"
    WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland
  • Peter Wejdling and Karin Wejdling
    "Who will look after me when I am ill?"
    WDR Fernsehen
  • Stefan Werding
    Series "Stroke Unit"
    Westfälische Nachrichten

PROMOTER OF THE AWARD - Sparkasse Münsterland Ost

"An efficient and cosmopolitan region needs good journalism as an important orientation aid - especially in times of rapid social change. Anyone who understands what is happening in their own living environment, for what reason and with what effect, who recognises connections and is open to new perspectives, can work meaningfully and purposefully for a Münsterland worth living in. In this respect, journalistic quality is an important location factor that speaks for the attractiveness of our region.

As sponsors of the Münsterland Journalist Award, we are pleased that outstanding journalistic commitment is not only rewarded with subscription figures, audience ratings and "like" clicks, but also recognised with a special award. Now we are looking for numerous entries that will once again make the award a testimony to journalistic quality."

Markus Schabel
Chairman of the Board
Sparkasse Münsterland Ost

PARTNER OF THE AWARD - Press Association Münster-Münsterland e.V.

The Press Association Münster-Münsterland is the traditional association of around 400 journalists who belong to the German Journalists' Association NRW, trade union for journalists, and usually live or work in Münsterland. The association has been the lobbyist for journalism in the region since 1906.

Members of the press association are freelancers, photographers, media representatives who work in all areas of the media or in press offices in business, public administration, media companies and press offices or who study at universities as young professionals.

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