Technology tandems between business and science
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Companies wanted for Münsterland technology tandems

Exchange between business and science enters the second round

MÜNSTERLAND. Search: Company. Offer: Exciting exchange and know-how from science. The Münsterland Technology Tandems are entering their second round and offer regional companies the chance to engage in innovative cooperation with science actors. Companies can still register their interest in a tandem with a person from Münsterland's university landscape until 15 September.

The technology tandems were set up within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project and promote knowledge transfer between business and higher education institutions in Münsterland. In these tandems, entrepreneurs meet science actors so that, in the best case, lasting contacts and joint projects between companies and research institutions are established. The first tandems were already formed at the beginning of the year, and now more companies have the chance to participate in the initiative. From now on, they can express their interest to the respective contact person at the business development agencies. They will then go in search of a suitable exchange partner.

"After the successful start, we are looking forward to further technology tandems as well as to the ideas and possible cooperations that arise," emphasises Christian Holterhues from wfc Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Coesfeld GmbH, who coordinates the tandems within the framework of the project. "Companies from all sectors and with diverse concerns around the topic of technology are welcome."

These are the contact persons from the districts as well as the city of Münster:

  • Coesfeld district: wfc, Christian Holterhues, 02594 7824026,
  • District of Borken: WFG, Kathrin Bonhoff, 02561 9799942,
  • Steinfurt District/FH Münster: TAFH Münster GmbH, Stefan Adam, 02551 962640,
  • District of Warendorf: gfw, Kai Janisch, 02521 850515,
  • City of Münster: Technologieförderung Münster, Dr. Christian Junker, 0251 9801116,

The technology tandems are a component of technology scouting within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project. In this way, the project supports actors from business and science in the region to work together and thus develop new technologies and drive innovations forward. In addition to the technology tandems, further measures are planned within the technology scouting. Enabling Networks technology scouts, for example, scan the Münsterland region for technological competence carriers and make their findings public in various ways. In this way, new networks are created in the region, which at best lead to new innovations.

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More about Enabling Networks Münsterland

As a regional network initiative and successor project to Enabling Innovation Münsterland, Enabling Networks Münsterland has been supporting companies and universities in Münsterland to develop innovations, implement them and find the right partners for the project since the project launch in September 2019. The project consists of two packages of measures: The Münsterland think tanks and technology scouting. The five think tanks bring together representatives from companies, research and regional networks to develop ideas, initiatives and future models for specific topics. The second component is technology scouting. This creates special technology knowledge with which companies, research institutions and competence centres can be even better networked.

The project network with Münsterland e.V. as lead partner consists of the business development agencies of the Münsterland districts and the Münster Technology Promotion Agency as well as the transfer offices of the regional universities and five specialised institutions that drive innovation in their sectors. The project is funded by the European Union and the NRW Ministry of Economics as part of the ERDF call "Regio.NRW".

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