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Excursion Country, Lust Today
3 hours | from 20,- €

Excursion Country, Lust Today

Around Velen and Ramsdorf, the history of crafts and agriculture in the region can be experienced at close quarters at the Living Museum sites (Old Sawmill at Gut Roß, Old Smithy Beckmann, Ramsdorf Castle, Dosker Schoppen, Tenk-Dröning Farm). The tour takes you along the individual sites on beautiful cycle paths and developed farm tracks through the park landscape of the western Münsterland. After an expert and entertaining guided tour of two of the museum's sites, you will fortify yourself with a Münsterland coffee table.

The excursion at a glance

  • Leadership
  • Group tour
  • from 3 hours
  • incl. coffee set
  • 20,-
  • Velen

Your itinerary for the Land, Lust Today excursion

At five locations of the Living Museum around Velen and Ramsdorf, the history of crafts and agriculture can be experienced at first hand. The local history museum in the former prince-bishop's castle in Ramsdorf, the old Beckmann smithy in the centre of Ramsdorf, the sawmill at the Roß estate and the collections of agricultural equipment on the Picker-Warnsing and Tenk-Dröning farms invite you to a living museum experience. Visit two locations of the Living Museum during entertaining (guided) tours, in between you can fortify yourself with a genuine Münsterland coffee table. Further programme items can be booked individually.

Ramsdorf Castle

The old castle dates back to 1425 and is actually its own most important "exhibit", as it can tell you a lot about the time of the prince-bishopric of Münster and the medieval feuds. In the permanent exhibition of the castle museum, however, you can also learn a lot about the important prehistoric burial mounds and stone chambers in the Ramsdorf area - and of course about the history of the town itself.

Beckmann Old Smithy

The so-called maiden's house - today Beckmann's smithy - right next to Ramsdorf's Walburgis church is a listed half-timbered house from the 19th century. Where once industrious maidens met for manual labour, today it is shown how to expertly "forge a hot iron while it is still hot". For in the maiden's house a complete blacksmith's workshop has been set up in the form of "Beckmann's Schmiede".

Picker-Warnsing Farm

The picturesquely situated Picker-Warnsing farm is the home of the Doskerkerls, Velen-Ramsdorf's "threshing men" who have long been known beyond the region. Since 1990 they have been collecting historical agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters, ploughs and much more. Some of them are presented in style in the farm barn "Doskerschoppen", with exciting and well-founded background information: For all the locations of the "Living Museum" are, of course, also places of expertise.

Tenk-Dröning Farm

In the village hall on the Tenk-Dröning farm, the Doskerkerls use a rare machine from the 1920s to show how gold is sorted ... Inca gold to be precise - the potato. How it came to Europe, why it was once called "Tartuffel" and how to get "Erdäpfel" (potatoes) out of the ground professionally is the topic at this location of the "Living Museum".

Gut Roß sawmill

The old sawmill from the 1890s at the Roß estate in Waldvelen is well worth seeing. The turbine house with its turbine is still preserved, as is the so-called "horizontal gate" - the actual cutting device. This ensures a fabulous, pardon the expression, "saw-like" museum experience.

Services | Excursion Land, Lust Today

  • Guided tour of two Living Museum locations of your choice
  • Cycling maps, tour description and information material
  • Coffee set per person

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20,- €

bookable from 10 persons

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