Gemen Castle in Borken
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Cycling Tour Castles in Westmünsterland
6 days | from 299 €

Cycling Tour Castles Tour through Westmünsterland

We offer you a six-day castle tour (275 kilometres) through the western Münsterland, on which you will get to know the beauties of this landscape with its nature reserves and recreational areas in addition to historic buildings. The varied gastronomy and the good quality of the selected hotels guarantee impressive and eventful days on this all-inclusive tour.

The cycle tour at a glance

  • Cycling tour
  • approx. 275 km
  • Stage tour
  • medium
  • 5 nights / 6 days
  • incl. breakfast
  • from 299,-

Stage towns along the route

  • Stadtlohn
  • Ahaus
  • Legden
  • Schöppingen
  • Horstmar
  • Rosendahl
  • Coesfeld
  • Velen
  • Borken
  • Rhede
  • Bocholt
  • Isselburg
  • Südlohn
  • Winterswijk

You can get on at any of the specified places on this journey and also travel the route in the opposite direction. Simply include this information with your request.

Your itinerary for the Castles Tour in Westmünsterland cycle tour

Day 1

Starting point of the cycle tour is Stadtlohn Starting point of the cycle tour is Stadtlohn
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Around Stadtlohn (approx. 15 km)

Arrival in Stadtlohn in the western Münsterland and pick up your travel documents. On a familiarisation tour of 15 to 20 kilometres you will get to know some of Stadtlohn's sights. You will get a first impression of the park landscape of the Münsterland. You can take it easy, as the cycle paths have no inclines throughout.

Day 2

Ahaus Castle is the highlight of the 2nd day Ahaus Castle is the highlight of the 2nd day
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Stadtlohn - Ahaus - Legden - Schöppingen | approx. 50 km

Via the beautiful town of Ahaus with its baroque castle, the route takes you to Egelborg moated castle near Legden. You should not miss a tour around Ahaus Castle. After a visit to the "Münsterland village", you will reach your destination for the day, the artists' village of Schöppingen with its historic town hall, after a total distance of about 50 kilometres.

Day 3

The Burgmannshöfe of Hostmar The Burgmannshöfe of Hostmar
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Schöppingen - Horstmar - Coesfeld - Velen | approx. 45 km

After your overnight stay in Schöppingen, your cycle tour continues into the heart of Münterland. The historic castle mansions in Horstmar, the dreamy pilgrimage site of Eggerode and Valar Castle near Coesfeld, surrounded by oaks, are highlights of this stage. After 45 kilometres, you will be expected at your evening domicile in Velen.

Day 4

Gemen Castle surprises with beautiful sights during a tour Gemen Castle surprises with beautiful sights during a tour
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Coesfeld - Velen-Ramsdorf - Borken - Raesfeld - Rhede | approx. 50 km

A day full of highlights awaits you. A visit to the local history museum in the old Ramsdorf castle is a worthwhile stop on the way to Gemen moated castle with its battery tower. The neighbouring district town of Borken invites you to linger with the Pröbsting leisure complex, the town museum and the old town towers. The tour continues to Raesfeld Castle with its picturesque castle district. Passing Haus Pröbsting and the Pröbstingsee, you cycle through the Rheder Busch to Rhede for the night, where you can recover from the approximately 50-kilometre route.

Day 5

Anholt moated castle in Isselburg - a true star in the western Münsterland region Anholt moated castle in Isselburg - a true star in the western Münsterland region
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Rhede - Bocholt - Isselburg - Südlohn | approx. 60 km

Off you go to Rhede moated castle, built in 1565. After 7 kilometres you reach the historic town hall in Bocholt. The shopping street invites you to take a little stroll. A visit to the LWL textile factory is very interesting. In the western tip lies the magnificent moated castle of Anholt. Take some time to see one of the most beautiful buildings in Münsterland. After a short detour across the green border into Dutch territory, you will see Diepenbrock Castle. The destination of this longest route (approx. 60 kilometres) is Oeding, where you will spend the night in the Burghotel.

Day 6

Flamingos and Black-headed Gulls in the Zwillbrocker Venn Flamingos and Black-headed Gulls in the Zwillbrocker Venn
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Südlohn - Winterswijk - Vreden - Stadtlohn | approx. 45 km

The last day's stage of your cycling tour takes you through Winterswijk in the Netherlands. The heart of the town beats around the popular market square. Past the Meddo Lake, the cycle path continues to Zwillbrock. With a bit of luck, you can observe flamingos among many other birds in the Zwillbrocker Venn nature reserve. You will return to Stadtlohn on the R1 European Cycle Route. If you wish, we can book an extra night for you in a good hotel in Stadtlohn.

Services | Cycling tour Castles Tour in Westmünsterland

  • 5x overnight stay in middle class hotels
  • 5x breakfast
  • Maps and route description
  • Car parking space

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299,- € in a double room

Bookable from 2 persons

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