Heiden in the Münsterland
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Ancient stones and new horizons


The pleasant "Heideorf" Heiden, with its more than 1125 years of history, offers enough attractive destinations in the Hohe Mark Nature Park. By bike or by car, you can reach numerous sights of the Münsterland region in a short time.

Devil's stones" over 4000 years old

Visit a cult site from the Neolithic Age, for example, the "Düwelsteene", or Devil's Stones in High German. The ancient stone chamber tomb in Heiden is over 4000 years old. Or actively discover this livable spot on earth by bike or on a hike. Then take a Kneipp break at the Artesian Well, a water treading pool in the Schwarzes Venn nature reserve, which is characterised by an enchanting landscape. The wave pool and open-air swimming pool in Heiden, on the other hand, promise a lot of fun.

Away from the daily grind

Hectic is unknown in Heiden. The cosy town centre radiates tranquillity and invites you to take long breaks in its cafés and restaurants. Even in the spacious surroundings, everyone can find a quiet spot to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Hohe Mark.

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