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On the balcony of the Münsterland


In the midst of idyllic, dreamy countryside - yet not sleepy - Hopsten is located on the foothills of the Teutoburg Forest very close to the state border of Lower Saxony. So you can decide every day whether you prefer to cycle along the flat paths of the Münsterland or through the hilly landscape of the Teutoburg Forest.

On the trail of the Tödden

In earlier times, important trade routes led from Hopsten to the Netherlands. Today, the well-kept Tödden houses and the Töddenland circular footpath are reminders of these eventful times. You can also find out more about the travelling traders in the Töddenmuseum.

Hopsten shines with village flair

The municipality of Hopsten offers a lot of village flair: baroque churches, an old village smithy, game reserves, a historic oil and corn mill in the Halverde district, cosy inns and more. The best way to explore Hopsten, Schale and Halverde is by bike or on foot. A visit to the "Heiliges Meer" nature reserve should not be missed.

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All-natural cycling in Hopsten
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