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Melodies at the fairytale castle
25.06.2021 | Midsummer Night's Dreams

Midsummer Night's Dreams at Nordkirchen Castle

An unforgettable summer evening at Nordkirchen Castle - the open-air concert at the imposing moated castle delights numerous spectators every year. On 25 June 2021, one of the largest picnics in Münsterland will take place on the lawn in front of the castle to the dreamlike sounds of the Russian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of St. Petersburg. A summer evening full of contrasts. The baroque castle in the background, the classical sounds of the philharmonic orchestra and the cosy picnic in the open air show the diversity of this multi-faceted event. The castle concert is accompanied by fascinating illuminations, water features and light and fire choreographies. These modern elements provide a wonderful contrast to the historical and classical components on this extraordinary evening.

Midsummer Night's Dreams | The Picnic

The glorious summer evenings invite you to spend time with friends and acquaintances. Enjoy time out in the open air at a picnic in Münsterland. This is also the case at the Midsummer Night's Dream at Nordkirchen Castle. An extraordinary picnic in front of a fairytale backdrop in combination with dreamlike melodies of the Russian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra St. Petersburg. The picnic blankets and deckchairs are spread out on the large picnic meadow in front of the moated castle. Next to them are the picnic baskets filled with a wide variety of food and drinks. A picnic in Münsterland means feeling good and arriving. The melodies of the orchestra support this unique attitude to life and create a special feel-good atmosphere. Experience this special Münsterland attitude to life at the castle concert in Nordkirchen.

Midsummer Night's Dreams | Advance Booking


  • reduced, pupils & students:
    33,00 €
  • Adults:
    47,00 €

Picnic area

  • reduced, pupils & students:
    31,00 €
  • Adults:
    42,00 €
  • Advance booking at the Tourist-Info Nordkirchen starts on 01.12.2020.
  • Reservations (in writing or by e-mail) from 16.11.2020 at the Tourist-Info Nordkirchen
Nordkirchen Castle Nordkirchen Castle
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Nordkirchen Castle
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