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Demonstration of Haus Kummerveldt at Haus Welbergen in ochtrup
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House Kummerveldt
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Münsterland Film Tour House Kummerveldt | Summer 2020

Tragedy, suspense, cinematic art: Münsterland finally has its own web series! "Haus Kummerveldt" is its name and went on a big film tour through Münsterland from July to October 2020. With the series, Münsterland director Mark Lorei has not only staged the castles and palaces in the Münsterland for a young target group, but also filmed Germany's first fictional history web series .

The pilot season went on an exclusive film tour through the Münsterland region before being published on the web and was shown to a large audience for the first time. All eight ten-minute episodes were shown against a special backdrop - with picnics, music and a touch of film business.

The film team is currently still negotiating where and when the web series will later be shown online.

The plot

House Kummerveldt or how the noblewoman Luise cured hysteria by screaming until her corset burst from her waist into the Fatherland's face.

Luise von Kummerveldt is a young noblewoman of the imperial era who, with a strong will, gives her time a good shake. Where her father still gave her clever mind free rein and allowed her to live out her dream of becoming a writer, dark clouds gather with his sudden death. Luise's brother Veit assumes his role as guardian in the Kummerveldt house - loud, loyal to the emperor, steeped in tradition! Little interested in the conventions of her time and her brother's restrictive plans, Luise has only one option: rebellion!

It was nice: Impressions of the film tour

Exclusive screening, beautiful scenery, cosy seating and an exciting supporting programme - the Münsterland Film Tour by Haus Kummerlveldt offered all this in summer 2020 with three open-air and three indoor events. As the main protagonists of the series, the castles and palaces in the Münsterland guaranteed a unique ambience to follow the life of the noblewoman Luise von Kummerveldt on a big screen.

Here you can get an impression - or you can reminisce if you were there yourself:

The filming and event venues

The film tour made stops at almost all filming locations.

  • The first act and premiere of the event format took place at Burg Vischering in Lüdinghausen. On a spacious picnic meadow, the audience could settle down and enjoy the screening on blankets or in deck chairs in the best summer evening weather.
  • In August, Haus Welbergen in Ochtrup opened its doors: outdoor film screening in the inner courtyard with picnic and exciting questions for the film team with a lot of emotional retrospection on the history of its creation. Because Haus Welbergen is "Haus Kummerveldt"!
  • The historic Gräftenthof Haus Runde in Billerbeck, the extensive park and the authentic farm buildings provided extraordinary filming locations for "Haus Kummerveldt" and, in September, genuine Münsterland hospitality for visitors to the film tour - despite drizzle.
  • At Hülshoff Castle in Havixbeck, visitors went to the outer castle on Open Monument Day. The screening was followed by a concert.
  • A special kind of cinema was waiting at the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster. With an exciting supporting programme supported by litfilms - Literatur Film Festival Münster and interesting insights.
  • The crowning finale in October: Haus Kummerveldt was a guest at the TextilWerk Bocholt, including a special tour and focusing on the costumes.

The tour was organised by Münsterland e.V. in cooperation with the venues.

Link to the series homepage

For more information about the main actors, the crew or the supporters, please visit Haus Kummerveldt's own homepage:

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