Fireside picnics in the Münsterland
Fireplace and decoration
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Fireside picnic

Review: Fireside picnic with music, stories of happiness & cosiness

A cosy time out by the fireplace - there's probably nothing better on cold winter evenings. Paired with a picnic and entertainment programme, such an evening becomes even better. This was proven by the fireside picnics at the beginning of 2023, when Harkotten Manor House, the Keppelborg, Kaminwelt Neuer and the Kunst-Café at Haus Vortlage offered their premises for the occasion.

The cosy winter picnic by the fire was accompanied by a genuine Münsterland cultural programme "Herzstücke im Münsterland in Wort und Klang! Guests were treated to a reading on the theme of "Münsterland Happiness", which was accompanied by mystical, Westphalian ballad singing with guitar music . In addition, there were insights into the book "Herzstücke im Münsterland", which tells of small and large highlights as well as secrets of the region.

At some of the fireside picnics, the picnic box was included; at others, the guests were allowed to fill their own picnic basket and bring it with them. We have plenty of recipe ideas! A "Münsterland Winter Punch" from the Münsterland Seal was also served at each fireside picnic.

Gudrun Gunia Gudrun Gunia
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Pieces of heart in Münsterland in word and sound!

The guests were able to enjoy this cultural programme:

  • Presentation of the book "Herzstücke im Münsterland - Besonderes abseits der bekannten Wege entdecken": 100 places and phenomena across all 4 Münsterland districts and the city of Münster.
  • Reading of individual sections, anecdotes and special Münsterland luck stories alternate with fairytale-like tales of folk tales, myths and songs
  • Musical accompaniment (mystical, Westphalian ballad singing)

These people provided entertainment

  • Gudrun Gunia, musician, storyteller, balladeer
  • Hartwig Homann-Sommerhage, tour guide and speaker
  • Freddy Thalmann (technology)

Based on a concept by the author Marta Latour (stage name of Martje Thalmann, who is also known as the Türmerin von Münster ).

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