Münsterland Picnic Days
© Münsterland e.V./ R. Dombrowski
Münsterland Picnic Days
18 - 20 June

Alpaca Farm Picnic Experience

A time out in the green in Ahlen. Spread out a blanket, take a relaxed seat and open the picnic basket - I wonder what goodies are in there?
The alpacas from the herd might want to know and come up close for a curious look. We're sure you've never had a picnic like this before: With your sweetheart, your best friend or your buddy and in the best company of a cute group of alpacas.

The place for your dreamy alpaca picnic on the Münsterland Picnic Days is right in the middle of Finja and Co.'s pasture. Of course, the cosy animals let you eat little delicacies in peace. From time to time, however, they will cautiously approach you so that you can admire them up close and in all their glory. And you can feed them too - you'll be given the right food beforehand. Fantastic, isn't it?

To make sure that not only the alpacas feast, you'll also find many a treat in the lovingly packed picnic basket. Are you already looking forward to a delicious and unforgettable experience? The shaggy alpacas can hardly wait to welcome new picnic guests.

The picnic basket

Alpaca Farm Picnic Area Alpaca Farm Picnic Area
© Alpakafarm finja & friends
for 2 persons

The basket is filled with, among other things:

  • delicious pastries
  • hard-boiled eggs from happy hens
  • freshly brewed coffee or tea
  • ...and all kinds of other tasty things
    (exclusively regional products)

+ food for the alpacas

The picnic basket is put together according to your wishes. There is also a vegetarian and vegan option on request.


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