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Picnicking in the Münsterland
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Münsterland Picnic Days
19 June

Dwarf picnic

Let yourself be enchanted by the story of the dwarf king Goldemar, a wonderful legend with a strong local connection, and enjoy a delicious picnic at the same time. Goldemar's grave is said to lie in the Hohe Ward - a stretch of forest between Münster and Drensteinfurt. On the southern edge of the forest is the studio meadow of the well-known Rinkerode artist Ben Uhlenbrock. It is precisely here that the Goldemar Peoplez Natalie Reineke and Michael Kolberg are organising a musically accompanied reading about the saga of the dwarf king. A performance that will amaze young and old. The large meadow is also perfect for an extensive picnic!

At a glance

  • Bring your own picnic
  • Outdoor
  • Free of charge
  • Place: Atelierwiese (Hemmer 68, Drensteinfurt)
  • When: 19 June | 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
  • Price: free of charge
  • Picnic: you have to bring your own picnic lunch
  • How to get there: possible by car via Albersloh, the venue is ideally reached by bicycle

Address studio meadow

Hemmer 68
48317 Drensteinfurt-Rinkerode
0151-2001-7002 luna3.de
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