Castle Day Münsterland at Lembeck Castle in Dorsten
Lembeck Castle on Castle Day
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Castles and fortresses day
20 June 2021

Lembeck Castle for the Castles and Palaces Day

The castle name "Lembeck" is derived from Low German. It can be translated as "Lehm-bach", which indicates the former location of the castle in the middle of a swamp and bog area. Adolf von Lembeck was the first knight of this name to be mentioned in documents in 1177 as a ministerial of the Münster diocese. Dietrich Conrad Adolf von Westerhold-Hackfurt had the castle extended and converted into one of the largest moated castles in the Münsterland region between 1670 and 1692. After the conversion work, a Baroque garden was laid out to the west of the castle according to designs by August Reinking, based on the French model with symmetrical path axes.

Guided tour "Longing for the Mediterranean Sound

15:00 - 16:00

50th anniversary of the death of the painter Hanns Hubertus Graf Merveldt and 90th anniversary of the death of the painter Paul Graf Merveldt

  • Start: 15:00
  • Duration: approx. 60 minutes
  • Costs: 6,- € | Children up to 12 years: 3,50 € | Youths 13-17 years: 4,50
  • Meeting place: archway
  • Registration until 16.06.2021 Tel. +49 (0)2369 7167
  • 100 Castles Route
  • Outdoor
  • Park at the house

More info

  • Parking spaces are located directly at the castle
  • Outside the programme, the castle can be visited on a guided tour from 11:00-17:00
  • The "Café am Schloss" offers homemade pies and cakes
  • Lembeck Castle is on the 100 Castles Route


  • Lembeck Castle
  • Castle 2
  • 46286 Dorsten-Lembeck
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