Castle Day Bike Tour
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Palaces and Castles Day Münsterland
20 June 2021

"Historical Duet" - guided cycle tour to Asbeck Abbey and Steinfurt Castle

Take part in a bike tour through the northern Münsterland region on the Castles and Palaces Day. The start of the guided bike tour is in Wettringen at the town hall.

The cycle tour takes you through the region's parkland to Asbeck Abbey and, with a short break in Eggerode at the Gnadenkirche, to Steinfurt Castle.
Asbeck Abbey, founded in the 12th century, was initially a double monastery of the Premonstratensians. Later it became a pure nunnery, before it was converted into a ladies' convent in the 16th century. The institution existed until 1805.
Steinfurt Castle, one of the oldest, most powerful and most beautiful moated castles in Münsterland, was destroyed and rebuilt and extended several times over the course of time and today still displays multifaceted elements from the Romanesque, Rococo and Classicist periods. Because the landscape had neither high mountains nor rugged cliffs, the builders of the time had wide moats and artificial islands constructed on which they built their fortress.

Cycling tour programme

09:00 - 18:00

Programme / Procedure

09:00: Meeting at the town hall in Wettringen

Joint bicycle ride to Asbeck Abbey (28 km)

11:30 a.m.: Arrival at Asbeck Abbey

Programme AsbeckAbbey

13:30: Departure: joint ride (10 km) to Eggerode to the Gnadenkirche (short break)

14:00: Arrival Eggerode

Short visit to Gnadenkirche and Eggerode ice cream parlour

14:45 Departure to Steinfurt - Steinfurt Castle (15 km)

16:00 Arrival at Steinfurt Castle

Free stay at Steinfurt Castle
17:30 - Departure Steinfurt Castle (8 km)
18:00: Arrival Wettringen

  • Guided cycle tour for young & old & families
  • Participation is free of charge
  • Self-catering during the tour
  • possible costs for programme on site
  • Registration not required

More info

  • You will find plenty of parking spaces in the centre of Wettringen.
  • Pack your picnic basket for a break on your bike tour.
  • Walk from Steinfurt Castle to the beautiful historic market square in Steinfurt.
  • Discover the wild and romantic Bagnopark in Steinfurt.


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