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Velen Castle lies on the popular 100 Castles Route
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A medieval moated castle
Velen Castle

Velen Castle

A true jewel, Velen Castle towers imposingly in the middle of the town of the same name. The moated castle has adorned the resort town of the western Münsterland for several centuries and has undergone numerous architectural changes by renowned building artists in different eras.

From manor house to moated castle

The first mention of the former manor house of the Lords of Velen dates back to 1240. It was not until 1426 that the property with the central wing built at that time was given the title of "castle".

Centuries of creative fine-tuning

In the following centuries, the most famous architects of the region gave the moated castle their signature: Master builder Ambrosius von Oelde, Johann Conrad Schlaun , Ignaz Franz von Landsberg-Velen, painter August Reinking, the Düsseldorf garden artist Maximilian Friedrich. All of these master architects designed the harmonious ensemble of the moated castle, from the courtyard front to the south wing and the castle park, until the 19th century.
Although all this art was largely destroyed by a fire in 1931, it was rebuilt with some internal changes. During and after the Second World War, the building served various public purposes. From 1988 to 2018, Schloss Velen was operated as a sports hotel. Today, the building houses a well-equipped seminar and conference centre.

Münsterland Insider Tip

Walk through the historic zoo

In the shadow of the castle lies Velen's extensive historic zoo. The orangery, the forester's lodge and the pheasantry are surrounded by dense woodland and hedges. Quiet paths lead through the zoo on historical tracks and invite you to take beautiful walks.

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Velen Castle

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4 tips for Velen Castle

  • The best way to explore the most beautiful parts of Westmünsterland is by bike. The 100 Castles Route, the Hohe Mark Nature Park Route and the Flamingo Route cross at Velen Castle.
  • The next historical building awaits you in the Ramsdorf district, Ramsdorf Castle.
  • In the (D)Torfmuseum am Hochmoor in Gescher you can learn more about the history and present of peat.
  • The tourist information centre, which is only a few metres away from the castle, provides you with information about Velen and the surrounding area.

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