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Haus Beckebans is now the Billerbeck Art Workshop
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Creativity within historic walls
House Beckebans

House Beckebans

The impressive Renaissance façade of Haus Beckebans attracts all eyes on a walk through beautiful Billerbeck. The magnificent mansion is located in the middle of the town centre and is considered the most beautiful and important secular building in the town and a monument of supra-local significance.

From farmhouse to city jewel

The house, which was first mentioned in a document in 1409, does not provide any information about whether it was an urban nobleman's court or a rich burgher's house. It was not until much later that the property was given its ostentatious cladding and its name. At first it served as the home of the de Konynk and Buninck families and as a farmhouse whose rooms were shared by man and farm animal. In 1560, the house was given a magnificent brick façade in an elaborate bacon layer technique with a three-tiered gable with shell attachments.
The building was completed 90 years later with an intermediate storey. The current name of the house goes back to the Beckebans family inn, which was operated in 1903, before it was restored in 1974 to house a pharmacy and a bookshop. The art workshop inside today allows visitors to take a look inside the beautiful complex.

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House Beckebans

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4 Tips for the Beckebans House

  • On the way to Billerbeck, it is worth taking a look at the historic provost church of St. Ludgerus, whose overall architecture is a work of art from the medieval Gothic period.
  • Near the town you will find another historic estate, the famous Kolvenburg, which you can explore in more detail on guided tours.
  • If you are drawn to nature, enjoy a hike through the Berkelquelle recreational area with its popular Kneipp treading pool, use the Nordic walking park or the many beautiful cycling and hiking paths to Havixbeck or Coesfeld.
  • You can experience a wonderful combination of nature and historical buildings on the day cycle tour"Hidden behind hedges".

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