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Geist House in Sasssenberg
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An eventful history at the "Geisterholz
House Spirit

House Spirit

Two islands once supported the moated castle Haus Geist in picturesque Oelde. And only a few foundation walls now point to the first architectural refinements of the building, which was originally built as the first moated castle in the Lippe Renaissance style in Münsterland. Haus Geist is nestled in the surrounding forest, which is known as the "Geisterholz" nature reserve and is charming with its romantic meadows and streams. The castle has become a predominantly Baroque jewel in the midst of the Münsterland park landscape, the sight of which can be enjoyed from the outside. The grounds are owned by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and maintained by a family dedicated to farming around the castle. The grain harvested here is the basis for the horse muesli produced on the farm, which is marketed regionally.

Through a Will from the Renaissance to the Baroque

The first written mention of the castle dates back to the 13th century, before it underwent a magnificent renovation in the style of Renaissance architecture in 1560. This made it the first moated castle to have a four-winged complex with corner towers and rich in typical brick façade decoration. In 1640, the estate came into the possession of the Jesuit order by will, which had it rebuilt with all kinds of Baroque finesse. Only the granary and the remains of the foundation walls and the gate still bear witness to the magnificent building before the conversion. Many other building measures took place under different owners, and the surrounding moats were filled in during the 19th century.

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House Spirit

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6 Tips for the House Spirit

  • Haus Geist is privately owned and can only be visited from the wayside.
  • You will find peace and relaxation on the walking paths through the Geisterholz nature reserve.
  • The 100 castles route leads directly past Haus Geist and opens up countless cycling tours through the Münsterland region.
  • Oelde railway station is only 4 km away. Here you can rent your bike or e-bike and cycle comfortably to Haus Geist.
  • On the cycle tour"Of knight's manors and water castles" you can discover the historical beauties of the region in one day.
  • From spring to autumn, the Four Seasons Park shows its colourful side. A packed calendar of events ensures that there is never a dull moment.
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