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More garden in Münsterland
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More garden - more experience
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More garden - more experience

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What stories are hidden in the dreamlike gardens and parks in the northern Münsterland? Garden lovers tell of blossoming fruit trees, colourful hydrangeas and gardens steeped in history at historic buildings. Art merges with nature, healing plants meet caring hands and avenues direct the eye to green oases. There is plenty of "interesting entertainment" to discover.

You can find the videos not only here, but also directly in the gardens and parks. Simply scan the QR code on the information boards with your mobile phone during your visit and learn more about the little natural wonders in Münsterland.

Steinfurt District Teaching Garden

The district educational garden in Steinfurt makes the heart of every garden lover beat faster. However, the Kreislehrgarten is not only beautiful, but also provides a lot of knowledge about the "green thumb". Throughout the garden, there are signs with QR codes with which you can play interesting and entertaining videos on the various topics.

Gardens in Ochtrup

Ochtrup, in the middle of the Münsterland park landscape, offers two parks worth seeing. Ochtrup's city park around Villa Winkel has certainly developed into one of the most interesting "urban" parks in Münsterland. Four areas divide the park into different themes.

"Romanticism" is the appropriate description for the small park at Haus Welbergen. In spring, colourful perennials attract visitors, while in summer the historic building is conquered by wildly romantic roses. Warm colours determine the picture in autumn, before winter spreads its very own charm.

Gardens in Lengerich

Germany's first hydrangea garden, "Hortensia-Garden", welcomes its visitors in Lengerich. More than 300 types of hydrangea have found a place on the approx. 10,000 square metre site. The almost timelessly modern plants with their beautiful flowers can be admired in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

The hydrangea garden is surrounded by the Lengerich Sculpture Park. New sculptures enrich the park all the time. It not only presents regional artists and materials, but also forms a transition from the park to the "open" landscape. Find out more about the gardens in Lengerich in the videos.

Bentlage Cultural Landscape

Bentlage Abbey is one of the cultural centrepieces of Münsterland. No wonder that the landscape around the historic building is also full of stories and history. Between the Ems and the Salinenpark, the videos provide lively information. On a walk through light forests and flowering gardens, you will find the QR codes to the videos at selected places.

Tecklenburg Spa and Landscape Park

The spa and landscape park nestles right next to the enchanting old town of Tecklenburg. Quiet paths lead past lawns, shrubs and beautifully designed beds with herbs and medicinal plants to small woods and valleys with fruit trees and meadows. A journey of discovery that is definitely worthwhile.

Bagno Park

From "pleasure garden" to citizens' park. In the 18th century, the Bagno Park was created as an exotic "pleasure garden". With its Egyptian tower, Turkish mosque, Chinese salon and many other unusual buildings and designs, it was a real sensation at the time. The old splendour faded over the centuries and the pleasure garden was transformed into a magnificent park with woods, open meadows and enchanted lakes. A walk along the quiet paths allows you to discover the traces of the past and the special features of the present around the historic concert gallery.

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