Gerleve Monastery | Picnic Area in Münsterland
Gerleve Monastery Picnic Area
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On horseback to the monastery
Gerleve Monastery Picnic Area

Gerleve Monastery Picnic Area

A picnic at the monastery, a hike or a horseback ride: the Benedictine monastery Gerleve in Billerbeck is a quiet place of longing in the middle of the Baumberge and welcomes all active tourists. Combine your picnic with a hike on the Ludgerusweg or a ride on the official bridle path network .

The Münsterland riding route leads directly to the Benedictine monastery of Gerleve with a short detour. Horse and rider are very welcome: There are trees to tie up to and something to drink for the horses. You can enjoy your picnic on the picnic benches directly at the monastery.

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Picnic basket (variant) Gerleve Monastery Picnic basket (variant) Gerleve Monastery
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Insider tip

You don't have your own picnic basket with you at the moment, but you really want to enjoy the wonderful park landscape around Gerleve Abbey? No problem, because in the monastery restaurant of Gerleve Monastery you can get your ready-packed picnic basket. picnic basket (on advance order) with many different delicacies.

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Gerleve Monastery

Gerleve 1

48272 Billerbeck

Accessibility & Parking

There is a large car park on the grounds of Gerleve Abbey. However, this is not a trail riders' car park, nor is it a car park for harnesses, but only for cars.
For example, the B6 circular hiking trail passes the monastery.
Gerleve Abbey can also be reached by bicycle. The Sandstone Route and the Circular Cycle Route 84 pass close to the monastery.

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