Tecklenburg Spa Park | Münsterland Picnic Area
Picnic area Kurpark in Tecklenburg
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A Kneipp pool & a picnic with a view
Tecklenburg Spa Park Picnic Area

Tecklenburg Spa Park Picnic Area

The spa park is located in the heart of the small mountain town of Tecklenburg. From the picnic area you have a wonderful view of the old town. Combine your picnic with a hike on the 4.4-kilometre-long premium hiking trail "Auf ModersohnsSpuren". The path leads directly past the picnic area. If you dare, take a dip in the 12 degree cool Kneipp pool. The hike ends in Tecklenburg town centre, which has many small shops and cafés to offer.

The picnic area at a glance

  • Picnic area
  • Destination
  • Spa Park
  • Cityscape
  • Seating options
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  • Kneipp basin
  • Sanitary facilities public (below the car park Altstadt P2)

Your way to the picnic area


Kurpark, Steinstraße 9 (search Google Maps for "Wassertretstelle im Kurpark")

49545 Tecklenburg

Accessibility & Parking

Parking is available in the Old Town car park P2 (Navi: Parkplatz An d. Post) or on Chalonnesplatz.

Map | Tecklenburg

Places of interest in and around Tecklenburg

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