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"Give away a picnic" in Münsterland
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Give away a picnic

"Give away a picnic" from Neuenkirchen

Give away picnic joy from Neuenkirchen and support local trade! The Pro Neuenkirchen Tourist Office is also taking part in the "Give the Gift of a Picnic" campaign in Münsterland and is offering filled picnic boxes for sale during Advent.

"Advent Picnic

  • 1 pit cloth
  • 1 jar of forest honey, beekeeping Joel Naber
  • 1 jar of quince jelly, Melkhus Leifker
  • 1 jar of mirabelle jam, Melkhus Leifker
  • 1 jar of cooked mead sausage, Hof Fiefhaus
  • 1 jar of homemade liver sausage, Fiefhaus Farm
  • 1 bottle of egg liqueur "Der Zauberhafte" with winter spices, Hof Fiefhaus
  • 1 bag of spiced gingerbread, Bäckerei & Konditorei Triffterer
  • 1 decorative wooden Christmas star, Hüveler joinery

Prize: 50 Euro

Order and collection
  • Pre-ordering for a larger number of picnic boxes is desirable at or Tel.: 05973 / 5454.
  • Collection from the office of the Pro Neuenkirchen Tourist Office.
  • Free delivery in Neuenkirchen and St. Arnold by arrangement.


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