"Give away a picnic" in Münsterland
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Give away a picnic

"Give away a picnic" from Olfen

Give away picnic joy from Olfen and support local trade! The Kökelsum Farm Shop is also taking part in the "Give a Picnic as a Gift" campaign in Münsterland and is offering filled picnic boxes for sale during Advent.

"Kökelsum breakfast"

  • Kökelsum strawberry sauce made from fruit from our own farm
  • Kökelsum spelt pastry, baked in the farm's own kitchen
  • Orchard apple juice (BUND OG Olfen)
  • Palio Baked Apple Secco (Wine & Secco Köth)
  • Liver sausage, cooked minced pork and lard in a jar (Schoenmackers & Wingens GmbH)
  • Napkins (Ambiente)
  • Rum pot spread (delica)
  • Wholemeal bread in a tin (Modersohn`s Mühlen- und Backbetrieb GmbH)

Price: 34.95 euros plus deposit for the box 14.95 euros

"Kökelsumer's cosy coffee time"

  • Kökelsumer Nussecken and Spritzgebäck, baked in our own farm kitchen
  • Kökelsum gingerbread liqueur, waffle liqueur cup (Berres)
  • Blueberry punch (delica)
  • Liver sausage, cooked minced pork and lard in a jar (Schoenmackers & Wingens GmbH)
  • Napkins (Ambiente)
  • One bar of milk chocolate (Meybona)
  • Two glasses for the punch
  • One lantern candle, which can be used with a tea light after burning out (Yours)

Price: 37,95 Euro plus deposit for the box 14,95 Euro

"Kökelsumer Brotzeit"

  • Kökelsum home-baked brown bread
  • Kökelsum herb liqueur
  • Cheese (Kerkmann farm)
  • Three beer crackers (Joh. Lechtenböhmer)
  • Paprika spread (Wolfram Berge)
  • Single gherkin (Löbke)
  • Napkins (Ambiente)
  • Two Potts country beer

Price: 35,95 Euro plus deposit for the crate 14,95 Euro

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