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Canoeing on the Ems in Telgte
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Canoe - Picnic - Ems

Canoe picnic in Telgte

The Tourist Info in Gronau offers several dates for guided walks through the Gildehauser Venn in cooperation with the nature educator and nature trainer Christoph Gerwers. The 650-hectare nature reserve is one of the most beautiful and impressive heath and moor landscapes in the vicinity of Gronau. It is ideal for extended nature walks and impressive animal observations. After an approx. two-hour hike through the nature reserve and the surrounding countryside, an extensive picnic in nature awaits you from the quality bakery Duesmann.

Enjoy the tranquillity of the Venn, listen to the interesting information provided by the nature guide and fortify yourself with a tasty picnic afterwards!

Daily routine

10.00 h

Start of the canoe tour in Telgte

12.30 p.m.

Arrival at Handorf exit and picnic on the meadow

13.30 h

Return by bike, shuttle or private transport to Telgte

2.30 pm

A cosy end in the old town of Telgte

The picnic bag

Picnic Bag Contents Picnic Bag Contents
for 1 person

You can put together your own picnic bag from a wide selection.

  • 1 x folded sandwich: Rustic farmhouse bread from the traditional Telgte baker topped with:
    • a) Vegetable onion melt, sea salt and a little black pepper (vegan).
    • b) lentil sausage (vegan)
    • c) butter and spicy gouda cheese
  • 1 x waffle/ roast patty
    • a) large hearty Mediterranean filled vegetable waffle from the iron and dip
    • b) sweet waffle plus chocolate sauce fresh from the iron
    • c) large green spelt and vegetable roast and dip (vegan)
  • 1 x portion of salad in a twist-off glass with wooden spoon
    • a) Kidney bean salad with colourful peppers, red onions and light balsamic vinaigrette
    • b) Pasta salad with cocktail tomatoes, courgette, some celery and fresh garden herbs (vegan)
    • c) Taboulé with bulgur, tomatoes, spring onions, shallots, good olive oil and lots of flat-leaf parsley (vegan)
  • 1 x fruit depending on season and availability
  • 1 x something to snack on
    • a) Mr. Tom
    • b) Oreo biscuits (vegan)
    • c) Snickers
    • d) Mars
    • e) Twix
    • f) Lion
    • g) Duplo
    • h) Hanuta
    • i) Mixed bag of 15 pieces
  • 1 x drink
    • a) LIBA Kola
    • b) LIBA Kola sugar free
    • c) LIBA Kola Orange
    • d) LIBA Lime
    • e) LIBA Lemon
    • f) LIBA Cherry
    • g) Lütt's Landlust Apple Spritzer
    • h) Lütt's Landlust Rhubarb Spritzer
    • i) Water Töfte with tingle
    • j) Water Töfte without tingle

Price: 16,50 Euro

Incl. neon green HANNES AM HERD cooler backpack

Do you want to eat with several people? Individual extra components can be added!

Price and booking information

Duration: half a day

Price: from 41,50 Euro without bike transport | Bike transport: 5 Euro| Alternative shuttle service: 7 Euro


  • from 10 persons possible
  • via Tourismus + Kultur Telgte


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