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Cycling Meal Picnic
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Culinary bike tours

RadelMahl - your culinary bike tour

RadelMahl is the ideal combination of sporting activity in beautiful Westphalian countryside and culinary enjoyment. Very carefully, with great expertise and passion, Göcke's Haus und Garten in Wettringen has developed 5 wonderful cycling tours for you.

Each route includes two to three culinary stops in restaurants, at the Melkhus, in a café or at selected picnic spots.

You will also receive a filled bicycle bag with a drink and a snack for the road.

With RadelMahl you can enjoy your bike tour in a relaxed way without having to worry about the route or the meals on the way. Choose one of 5 routes and enjoy a carefree day.

Your RadelMahl daily routine

Starting point

You will be hospitably welcomed in the morning at the starting point, Göcke's Haus und Garten, with a welcome snack and a cup of tea or coffee.


You will receive your meal vouchers from the catering partners as well as a briefing on the RadelMahl tour you have booked and the bicycle navigation system provided.

The tour

You cycle through the beautiful Westphalian countryside, past places worth seeing in the Münsterland region, to the next culinary stops. Here you will be served a tasty starter, a drink or similar.


Finally, you return to the starting point of the tour and can relax in a typical Westphalian restaurant with the last course of the day.


  1. The cycle-rail route 43 km
    Wettringen, Welbergen, Langenhorst, Sellerfeld, Clemenshafen, Sankt Arnold, Offlumersee, Wettringen
  2. Castlesand palaces 50 km
    Wettringen, Sellerfeld, Steinfurt Castle, Bagno, Metelen, Haus Welbergen, Langenhorst, Welbergen, Wettringen
  3. The "rheine" pleasure 51 km
    Wettringen, Bilk, Ohne, Salzbergen, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Offlumersee, Wettringen
  4. Grafschafter Route 53 km
    Wettringen, Ochtrup, Drilandsee, Bad Bentheim, Rothenberge, Wettringen
  5. Nature-Pur 50 km
    Wettringen, Clemenshafen, Ahlintel, Emsdetten, Bockholter ferry, Emsdettener Venn, Clemenshafen, Maxhafen, Wettringen
Prices and booking

Price per person: 69,00 €

Bookings directly via Göcke's Haus und Garten!

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