Gemen Castle on the 100 Castles Route
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting
A short holiday, a long dream
Boundless horizons

Boundless horizons

Like in a fairy tale, the imposing castles and palaces rise from the flat surroundings against the broad horizon of the western Münsterland. Historic buildings such as Lembeck Castle, Raesfeld Castle and Anholt Castle are famous far beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia. Your cycle tour combines charming cycle paths and rural idylls with charming towns and beautiful sights. Add a detour to the Netherlands and it's high time for a short holiday in Münsterland.

Your 1st day | Reken-Bocholt

The cosy town of Reken is the starting point for your contrasting cycle tour through the western Münsterland. Today you have 57 kilometres of cycle path ahead of you, leading you through gentle landscapes to romantic castles. Embedded in the water- and forest-rich landscape is the imposing Lembeck Castle. The beauty of the park can already be guessed at the castle gate, and a visit is definitely worthwhile. Shaded by the canopy of small forests or with a panoramic view - – the next few kilometres are a delight and lead you to the unique moated castle of Raesfeld. A great contrast to the adjacent modern Nature Park House. What could be better than an extended break in one of the restaurants and cafés with a view of the castle?

Along the Bocholter Aa

The blue ribbon of the Bocholter Aa becomes your companion on the way to Bocholt. Modernity and history merge in this friendly town. Nowhere is this more evident than at the TextilWerk Bocholt. Cross the Podium Bridge , which is well worth seeing, to reach the bustling city centre. Cafés and restaurants are a tempting invitation to end the day on a relaxed note.

Lembeck Castle
© Münsterland e.V. / Jörn Berding

Lembeck Castle is the first highlight of the cycle tour. The park is particularly beautiful when the rhododendrons are in bloom and in the summer months when numerous roses make the park shine. A café at the castle offers coffee and cake for a first short break.

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The moated castle of Raesfeld
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting

The highest castle tower in Westphalia is truly impossible to miss. It marks the legendary Raesfeld Castle from afar. Your camera won't be able to rest for all the photo opportunities. The castle is reflected picturesquely in the Gräften and offers new perspectives again and again. What's the betting that you'll eventually find your moment of peace with a view in one of the cafés?

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The Nature Park House at Raesfeld Castle
© Münsterland e.V.

The Nature Park House at Raesfeld Castle proves how harmoniously modernity and history go together in Münsterland. The glass and wood-dominated building within sight of the castle blends wonderfully into the landscape. Inside you will find a wealth of information about the castle, the historic zoo and the Hohe Mark Nature Park.

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Quiet paths in the zoo at Raesfeld Castle
© Münsterland e.V.

Our tip: get off your bike and take a walk on one of the beautiful circular paths through the historic zoo. Forests, heaths, streams and enchanted lakes offer a "micro-adventure" of the gentle kind. Here you can really forget about time.

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The Aasee of Bocholt
© Münsterland e.V. / Romana Dombrowski
Bocholt Aasee

Bocholt's Aasee lake is an integral part of the city's leisure activities. Here tennis players meet boat captains, joggers meet anglers and roller skaters meet basketball players. In addition, the natural beach invites you to take a dip in the lake when the weather is nice. A lovely place for the last walk of the day.

Your 2nd day | Bocholt - Borken

Today, the bike tour lives up to its name. There are only 160 metres of altitude difference per 70 kilometres. Nothing disturbs your panoramic view on your way to the Dutch border region, whose green landscapes spread out before the wide horizon. Although today's stage is relatively long, you should start the day with a tour of Bocholt. The heart of the city lies on the market square around the historic town hall. On market days , it's a great opportunity to stock up on fresh delicacies for the bike tour.

Anholt moated castle near Isselburg is certainly one of the most beautiful buildings along the route. With a view of the park, you could easily forget the time on the castle terrace with coffee and cake. Directly adjacent is Anholt Switzerland. From oystercatchers to wolves, numerous animals can be observed here in a wonderful landscape. The 100 Castles Route follows the Dutch border in a wide arc. Particularly curious: in the small towns of Dinxperlo and Suderwick, the border runs right through the village - living European neighbourhood.

On old smugglers' paths, the 100 castles route winds its way on quiet paths towards Rhede. In the shadow of the mighty church, at the latest, you'll have earned an ice cream with a view of the castle. A visit to the Medicine and Pharmacy Museum rounds off your stay in Rhede. The blue ribbon of the Bocholter Aa now becomes your companion. Before you reach the district town of Borken, we recommend a trip on a pedal boat across the beautiful Pröbstingsee. Too strenuous? Then simply enjoy the white sails of the sailing boats from one of the numerous seats. For the last few kilometres, you will once again be surrounded by the nature of the Bocholter Aa until you reach your destination in Borken.

The historic town hall of Bocholt
© Münsterland e.V. / Romana Dombrowski

Bocholt is a modern city with museums, shopping arcades and beautiful city parks. Its history is best seen in the historic town hall. The foundation stone for the building was laid as early as 1618. The historic building has long been the town's landmark and the backdrop for countless events.

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View of Anholt Switzerland
© Münsterland e.V. / Long Nong Huang

Switzerland" in the middle of Münsterland? In the biotope wildlife park Anholter Schweiz you can not only observe numerous animals, but also enjoy homemade cake in the 120-year-old Swiss cottage. With a view of the lake - Lake Lucerne served as a model - holiday feelings are guaranteed here.

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Anholt moated castle in Isselburg
© Münsterland e.V.

Moated castle, museum and park. Anholt moated castle is one of the most beautiful sights in the Münsterland region. Even the approach over the romantic bridge into the inner courtyard of the castle is downright picturesque. The gastronomic offer in the restaurant and café tempts you to take a truly "princely" break.

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The Rhede Castle
© Münsterland e.V.
Rhede Castle

Rhede's moated castle is also worth seeing from a distance. Surrounded by old trees, the castle greets you from behind the lily pads. The privately owned building is only a few steps away from the town centre.

Your 3rd day | Borken - Reken

Barely on the bike, the first highlight of the day awaits you. Gemen Castle - in reality a castle - is surrounded by mighty moats. Framed by the waters of the Bocholter Aa, the castle is a popular photo motif that you can cycle around on a small path. The tour continues and you cycle past asparagus fields, horse past ures and forests towards Ramsdorf , always within sight of the Bochholter Aa. Within sight of Ramsdorf Castle with its lively museum, you can plan your first rest stop here.

Beautiful paths lead through the historic zoo at Velen Castle . A nice opportunity to get off your bike and walk a few metres. From this green oasis it is only a few metres to the charming centre of Velen. Strengthen yourself once again for the last section of your cycle tour. The Münsterland once again shows its rural side. Stately farms appear as small splashes of colour in the puzzle of fields, meadows and small forests. A landscape made for cycling that actually offers a few more metres of altitude shortly before Reken.

Gemen Castle in Borken
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting

The history of Gemen Castle dates back to the year 962. Situated in the former marshy area of the Bocholter Aa, the castle forms a unique transition between town and country. A walk around the castle is the start of today's stage.

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Ramsdorf Castle near Velen
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting

In the museum of Ramsdorf Castle you can get to the bottom of regional history. Located on Ramsdorf's market square, the 15th-century castle illustrates the close connection between history and everyday life like no other.

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The Velen Castle
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting

Velen Castle and the historic zoo nestle harmoniously in the centre of Velen. Your cycle tour leads directly through the zoo and allows you to take a deep breath. A short stroll through the town centre provides some variety before the last section of the tour.

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Tips for your cycling tour

Tips for overnight stays

You will find heavenly peace and quiet in the highest hotel in Münsterland. The Berghotel Hohe Mark is only about 3.5 kilometres from Maria-Veen railway station. Spend relaxing hours in the beer garden, let yourself be pampered with seasonal specialities in the stylish restaurant and above all: enjoy the fantastic view of the Hohe Mark Nature Park.

For years, the Hotel Residenz has been one of the best-known hotels in Bocholt. The hotel, run by the owners, is located only about 400 metres from the beautiful city centre and about 300 metres from the 100 castles route. Before you choose regional specialities from the restaurant menu in the evening, the hotel garden invites you to enjoy coffee, snacks and cake.

The city hotel in Borken has been welcoming guests since 2020. Only a few metres from the market square and numerous restaurants and shops, you will find the ideal place for your overnight stay.

Tips around food & drink

Regional specialities have experienced a true renaissance in recent years. On the menus of many restaurants in Münsterland, they are now among the favourites of guests. The best opportunity to broaden your culinary horizons on your bike tour.

The grill masters from the Mahl & Meute restaurant have conquered Raesfeld Castle. In the stylish vaulted cellar or on the sunny terrace with a view of the castle pond - here you can put together your meal just as you like.

Almost too good to be true: The castle kitchen at Wasserburg Anholt in Isselburg combines regional delicacies with Mediterranean influences in the Wasserpavillon restaurant. A large selection of cakes awaits you on the castle terrace, including a fantastic view of the castle park.

Perhaps we should not reveal our insider tip ... However, the ice cream lounge in Maria Veen near Reken is already known far beyond the city limits. Walnut-maple-butter caramel ice cream - who wouldn't want to try that!

Tips for your journey

Travelling by train:

For climate-friendly travel from the Ruhr area, the train is simply perfect. Trains from Essen, Bottrop and Dorsten regularly arrive at Reken station.

Arriving by car

The A 31 motorway (Oberhausen - Emden) will take you to Reken. From the Reken exit, it is only a few minutes' drive to the town centre.

Picnic ideas for your bike tour

Tour planning made easy

You can easily plan this cycling tour. The following links will take you to the tour maps with all the sights along the route - as a complete overview or day by day. You can also conveniently download all routes as GPS tracks.

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