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A farm of generations
Fiefhaus farm

Hof Fiefhaus: 24-hour service in Neuenkirchen

Fresh, regional products 24 hours a day: These are available in the vending machines at the Fiefhaus farm in Neuenkirchen. "Our main customers are commuters who want to pick up a pack of free-range eggs, home-made jam or honey on their way home," says Anke Fiefhaus. The service is very well received, and even though it is not a classic farm shop, the vending machine is a good opportunity for a meeting or two: "When we fill up the trays or clean the machine, we get to talk to people and can answer their questions. Those who want to can also get a little tour of the farm," explains the 22-year-old.

In addition, there is the opportunity to pick fresh flowers yourself in the summer. Strawberries are also available fresh in the summer months, and pumpkins in autumn.

Special features at the Fiefhaus farm
  • 24/7 vending machine
  • Free range eggs
  • Homemade jam
  • Fresh flowers to pick yourself
  • Meat from Bunten Bentheimer Landschwein pigs
  • Species-appropriate pig and chicken husbandry

Species-appropriate husbandry of colourful Bentheimer Landschwein pigs.

Three generations live on the farm, each contributing something to "Hof Fiefhaus". The "boss and daddy", as Anke Fiefhaus says, is Bernhard Fiefhaus. Together with his wife, their two daughters and grandma Fiefhaus, he takes care of the animals, the flower field and the whole shebang. "The value of our products is a matter close to our hearts," emphasises Anke Fiefhaus. A conviction that has developed over time: "Five years ago we gave up conventional pig farming. The prices were too bad, the stress too great, the requirements too high." Instead, the family decided on the species-appropriate keeping of Bunte Bentheimer Landschweine, which now live on the idyllic farm in the district of Steinfurt.

After slaughtering and processing at the "butcher we trust", as Anke Fiefhaus says, there is a "meat sale ex farm" about every four months: That means: no advance orders and only while stocks last. And it's going really well - not least because many different ways are used to reach potential customers: "In addition to advertising via social media and of course in the newspaper, we offer a WhatsApp newsletter that reminds customers in good time of the sale date."

Agriculture at your fingertips

Very often, the family is asked why they have not converted their farm to organic farming under the organic label. "We all grew up with the chickens and pigs, they only get regional animal feed, no soya from overseas. For us, it is important that we act according to our best conscience and not according to regulations. We offer hands-on farming: Anyone who wants to see for themselves how our animals are kept can simply drop by or make an appointment over the phone," Bernhard Fiefhaus explains.

The farm is a typical part-time farm: Anke Fiefhaus is currently doing an apprenticeship in Hörstel, Bernhard Fiefhaus is also working full-time and the younger daughter is studying in Dortmund. Only Mama Fiefhaus is on the farm around the clock, there are no other employees. "We are well employed here every day - out of conviction and passion," emphasises Anke Fiefhaus.

Your visit to the Fiefhaus farm

Hof Fiefhaus
Dorfbauerschaft 4
48485 Neuenkirchen

Opening hours:
Vending machine open 24/7
Meat sale announced via website

Your way to the farm

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