Linderskamp's Hof is idyllically situated in the middle of Münsterland.
© Peter Linderskamp
From pumpkins to Christmas trees
Linderskamp's farm

Linderskamp's Hof: Simple, honest and good

"Because it comes from here" is the motto of Linderskamp's Hof in Saerbeck. Simple, honest and good. A motto that Peter Linderskamp advocates with conviction: "For me, regional means sustainable first and foremost," explains the 31-year-old and adds: "That's exactly what we want: to offer customers the best quality and to welcome them in an open and warm atmosphere. Because in the end, we can benefit from that ourselves."

Thus, the family keeps bulls, calves and chickens in the chicken mobile and grows cereals, pumpkins, flowers as well as Christmas trees.

Special features on the farm
  • Christmas tree cultivation and sale
  • Vending machine 24h/7 days a week
  • Fresh free-range eggs
  • Flowers to pick yourself
  • Pumpkins to decorate or prepare

One of the oldest farms in the farming community

A look at the family history shows that the idea of sustainability plays a major role for the Linderskamps: founded in 1537, the farm is one of the oldest in the Middendorf farming community in Saerbeck. "Our ancestors kept livestock and farmed here," says Peter Linderskamp, who now manages the farm together with his girlfriend Melanie and his parents. For him it was clear early on: "I want to do this too - but differently."

Growing and selling Christmas trees

Away from conventional farming, towards new, fresh approaches: "During my studies, the idea of growing Christmas trees matured," explains the young farmer. No sooner said than done: the first plants were planted in 2015. Other ideas followed promptly: the Linderskamps sowed pumpkin seeds, bought a chicken mobile and planted a flower field for self-picking. For direct sales of the farm's own free-range eggs, egg liqueur and pasta, as well as grilled meat, potatoes or dairy products from the region, there is the so-called Regiobox: These are vending machines that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A service that is well received: "The Regiobox is very popular because it makes shopping particularly easy," confirms Peter Linderskamp.

A family business out of passion and conviction

His heart's project is the sale of Christmas trees: "The idea of regionality is expressed particularly strongly here: the customers choose a tree from 'locally' because they want to support us as farmers. The Christmas trees are freshly cut here and have not been transported long distances. Those who want to can even saw their own chosen tree themselves," says Peter Linderskamp and adds: "The care of our tree cultures needs a lot of patience, time and attention. But it's worth it: in the end, you get beautiful Christmas trees from the Münsterland."

The young farmer, who grew up with three sisters, really likes the fact that Linderskamp's farm is a pure family business: "There's a lot to do here every day and everyone pitches in - we do it with passion and full conviction."

Your visit to Linderskamp's Hof

Linderskamp's Hof
Middendorf 24
48369 Saerbeck

Opening hours:
Vending machine: 24 hours/7 days a week
Christmas tree sale from December daily from 10 a.m. onwards

Your way to the farm

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