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Rauszeitlust Münsterland
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Do Münsterland!

Cycling could hardly be more beautiful than in Münsterland. Countless cycle paths wind through the typical park landscapes, along rivers and past countless castles and palaces that characterise the region and invite you to a spontaneous picnic in the meadow orchard. Exotic animals live in nature reserves such as the Zwillbrocker Venn, wild horses gallop through the open countryside and in small zoos and wildlife parks such as Anholter Schweiz, wolves, wild cats and lynx roam their enclosures around the large biotope.

  • kulturgut Haus Nottbeck House Nottbeck kulturgut Haus Nottbeck
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    In Oelde

    The Haus Nottbeck cultural estate opens up the world of literature to its visitors. Readings, concerts, exhibitions - the word is always the focus. Surrounded by meadow orchards and fragrant fields, far away from everyday life, Haus Nottbeck is a real insider's tip.

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  • Steverauen Olfen Steverauen Steverauen Olfen
    © Gaby Wiefel
    In Olfen

    When a river reclaims its landscape and horses, wild cattle and giant donkeys find a new home, you are definitely in the Steverauen in Olfen.

    The idyllic Steverauen lie in front of you in a wild and romantic setting and make time stand still for a moment. Then it's time for a discovery tour - on foot, by bike or on a raft.

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  • Anholter Schweiz Isselburg Anholt Switzerland Anholter Schweiz Isselburg
    © Tourist-Info Isselburg
    In Isselburg

    Wolves and lynxes in the Münsterland? A Swiss cottage in the middle of the Münsterland park landscape? Welcome to the biotope wildlife park Anholter Schweiz. Visitors young and old will meet wildcats, otters, mouflon, snowy owls and countless other animals. Perfect for a lovely family day out in the Münsterland.

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  • Aasee Münster Aasee Aasee Münster
    © Birgit Leimann
    In Münster

    Local recreation area, sailing area, jogging track, art space, event stage and ecosystem - the Aasee can be many things. Above all, it is a meeting place for locals and guests to enjoy relaxing moments. Active on a tour with a sailing boat, relaxed on a picnic blanket or culinary in one of the restaurants.

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Your picnic in Münsterland

A day trip by bike in the Münsterland region A day trip by bike in the Münsterland region
© Münsterland e.V. / Christoph Steinweg
Your day trips by bike to the
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