With the 9-Euro-Ticket to sights in Münsterland
Mit dem 9-Euro-Ticket ins Münsterland
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With the 9-Euro-Ticket to Münsterland
The best destinations

The most beautiful sights with the 9-Euro-Ticket

The 9-Euro-Ticket will open up new travel routes in Münsterland in summer 2022. Regional trains and buses are also the best way to go on (short) holidays. Experience the many magnificent palaces, castles and stately homes, hike through forests and past wide, idyllic meadows or marvel at interesting exhibitions in the numerous museums. As you can see, the region has an incredible amount to offer. Take the chance and discover the most beautiful destinations and routes in the entire Münsterland region in June, July and August!

Tips in Münster

With the 9-euro ticket you can conquer the whole city. Münster's main station is served by many regional trains and opens the door to numerous sights. Would you like to see a few examples? Just a few minutes' walk from the station you'll find the Prinzipalmarkt in the heart of the city. Here you should definitely pay a visit to the Peace Hall in the historic city hall. Continue your walk through the impressive old town and stop at the Erbdrostenhof and the imposing Münster Castle.

Culture lovers are also drawn to the city thanks to its excellent museums. The Picasso Museum and the LWL Museum of Art and Culture offer you an exceptional art experience in unique architecture.

By the way: zoo fans also get their money's worth. The city bus line 14 takes you from the main railway station directly to the popular Allwetterzoo.

Münster can be reached directly by regional transport from the following cities, among others:

Düsseldorf | Dortmund | Duisburg | Essen | Gelsenkirchen | Gronau | Hamm | Krefeld | Mönchengladbach | Recklinghausen | Rheine | Osnabrück | Unna

With the 9-Euro Ticket for Knights and Princesses

From Gronau, the regional train 64 takes less than half an hour to Steinfurt. In the district town, a very special ensemble of old town, moated castle and park awaits you. From the enchanting half-timbered houses of Burgsteinfurt's city centre, your path leads you to the imposing castle. The historic gatehouse stands picturesquely guard over the waters of the Steinfurter Aa. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular photo motifs in the region! Your visit is rounded off with a walk through the peaceful Bagnopark with its lakes and small woods.

Tip: Garden lovers are magically drawn to the Kreislehrgarten in Steinfurt.

The 9-euro ticket is the perfect way to visit the 3-castle town of Lüdinghausen. Lüdinghausen Castle and the legendary Vischering Castle together form the unique "Water Castle World". Footpaths and cycle paths through well-kept green spaces connect the two historic buildings and provide an impressive insight into their history. You should not miss a tour of the museum at Vischering Castle. Our tip: Take some freshly baked bread with you from the bakery for your onward journey through the Münsterland region.

Rheine, the second largest city in Münsterland, not only offers excellent shopping opportunities, but also numerous sights. The Falkenhof Museum is located in the middle of the town. Behind historic walls, the museum revives Westphalian aristocratic culture. With the C 12 bus, you can reach the district of Bentlage with its beautiful Salinenpark and the unique Bentlage Monastery after a short journey. Plan enough time for your visit, because there is a lot to experience: The historic salt works amid colourful flower beds exude salty air, countless storks give an impressive concert between sparse meadows and dense forests. Creative works of art also enrich the park and the exhibition at the monastery.

Tip: If you have your bike with you, you can also reach Bentlage Monastery with a short bike ride along the Ems cycle path .

The 9-Euro Ticket for Explorers and Discoverers

The LWL Roman Museum in Haltern am See sends you on a journey into the past. Learn more about the time 2,000 years ago! The modern exhibition and the Roman camp Aliso, which is well worth seeing, will take you back to the time of the Romans, also digitally. The museum's packed programme is sure to include an interesting activity for you too.

Tip: Take your bike with you! At the reservoirs, the lido and the high ropes course with beer garden, you'll find variety for a whole day.

The exhibits in the excellent rock 'n' pop museum in Gronau don't take you quite so far into the past. Just a stone's throw from the station, you can take an emotional journey through music history. As you would expect in the birthplace of Udo Lindenberg, goosebumps are guaranteed.

Tip: Take a look at the city's calendar of events and combine your visit with one of the many events.

Although the LWL Natural History Museum of Münster is located somewhat outside the city, it is easy to reach by bus and train. At the main station, simply hop on the city bus line 14 and take a comfortable ride to the museum. On 4,200 m², the museum spans the spectrum from current global topics to regional nature. A space journey in the museum's Plantarium is completely out of this world.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the station in Havixbeck to the Baumberg Sandstone Museum. But you will probably need a little longer. Even though the historic Havixbeck Castle can only be seen from a distance, no one has ever been able to take their eyes off this enchanting building so quickly! The Baumberg sandstone is a very special building material that can be found in countless famous buildings in the Münsterland region. In the museum you can learn more about the so-called "gold of the Münsterland".

Little explorers will get their money's worth at the Klipp Klapp children's museum in Oelde. Embedded in the Four Seasons Park about 1 km from the station, the possibilities for discovery are almost unlimited. Curiosity is satisfied and the thirst for knowledge quenched at numerous play stations. After the adventures between the water landscape and the weather exhibition, the playgrounds in the park make for a full day that will certainly not leave you bored.

The 9-Euro Ticket for Time Travellers

The textile industry has shaped Münserland for generations. The LWL TextilWerk in Bocholt takes you back to a bygone era. You can learn more about the importance of the textile industry and the living conditions of the time. There is plenty to explore in the 9,000 m² museum factory.

Tip: Combine your visit with a shopping trip through the lively city centre and then relax on a walk along the shores of Lake Aasee.

"Coal and miners in Münsterland? There's that too, and it's at the Westfalen colliery in Ahlen. Since the site is about 2.5 km from the railway station, it's best to take bus line C 2 to get there. The journey is well worth it! Two winding towers, the gatehouse, the workshops and the locomotive shed of the former coal mine are still preserved on the site.

Tip: Ahlen's art museum is known far beyond the city's borders. Changing exhibitions attract visitors from near and far. Perhaps you too?

In exciting contrast to the industrial culture are the historic town centres in the wide park landscape of the Münsterland. Warendorf is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the region. Proud town houses and half-timbered houses line up around the market square. It almost goes without saying that the famous State Stud of NRW is worth a look. After all, numerous Olympic champions have their home here.

Just a few kilometres along the Ems, the small town of Telgte will enchant you with its picturesque alleys. Half-timbered houses frame the market square and the alleys of the town all the way to the RELIGIO museum. No wonder Telgte is one of the most popular destinations in Münsterland!

Tip: You can even combine a trip to Warendorf and Telgte by water on a canoe tour on the Ems.

Your connection to Münsterland

In 30 minutes from Essen in the heart of the Ruhr region to the blue waters around Haltern am See, in 37 minutes from the football metropolis of Dortmund to the 3-castle town of Lüdinghausen and in 75 minutes from the state capital Düsseldorf on the trail of industrial culture to the textile factory in Bocholt. There are many connections to Münsterland.


  • RE 6: Cologne - Neuss - Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Mülheim a.d. Ruhr - Essen - Bochum - Dortmund- Hamm - Ahlen - Oelde - Gütersloh - Bielefeld - Herford - Minden.
  • RB 69: Münster - Drensteinfurt - Hamm - Ahlen - Oelde - Gütersloh - Bielefeld - Herford


  • RE 19 Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Oberhausen - Wesel - Bocholt

Haltern am See:

  • RE 2: Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Mülheim a.d. Ruhr - Essen - Gelsenkirchen - Recklinghausen - Haltern am See - Dülmen - Münster - Osnabrück
  • RE 42: Mönchengladbach - Krefeld - Duisburg - Mülheim a.d. Ruhr - Essen - Gelsenkirchen - Recklinghausen - Haltern am See - Dülmen - Münster
  • S 9: Wuppertal - Essen - Bottrop - Gladbeck - Haltern am See.


  • RB 63: Münster - Havixbeck - Billerbeck - Coesfeld


  • RB 51: Dortmund - Lünen - Lüdinghausen - Dülmen - Coesfeld - Ahaus - Gronau - Enschede


  • RB 51: Dortmund - Lünen - Lüdinghausen - Dülmen - Coesfeld - Ahaus - Gronau - Enschede
  • RB 64 Enschede - Gronau - Steinfurt - Münster.


  • RE 6: Cologne - Neuss - Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Mülheim a.d. Ruhr - Essen - Bochum - Dortmund - Hamm - Ahlen - Oelde - Gütersloh - Bielefeld - Herford - Minden
  • RB 69: Münster - Drensteinfurt - Hamm - Ahlen - Oelde - Gütersloh - Bielefeld - Herford


  • RB 61: Bielefeld - Herford - Osnabrück - Ibbenbüren - Rheine - Bad Bentheim - Hengelo
  • RB 65: Münster - Greven - Emsdetten - Rheine
  • RE 15: Münster - Greven - Emsdetten - Rheine - Lingen - Meppen - Papenburg - Emden


  • RB 64 Enschede - Gronau - Steinfurt - Münster
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