Campaign "Come here. Stay here."
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Frank Knopp

  • 38 years old,
  • divorced and has found his new love.
  • He has moved to Münsterland with her.

Frank is originally at home in the Ruhr area, but has found a new home in Münsterland after a failed marriage. He has a daughter from his first marriage who visits him regularly at weekends. Frank prefers to spend time in nature and enjoys the peace and quiet there. Family is especially important to him and he tries to reduce his time in the office to the bare minimum. In his job as a management consultant, he attaches great importance to the competence and reliability of his colleagues. He loves regularity and attends his regulars' table weekly and is devotedly involved in the shooting club. He is affectionate, determined and demanding.

Frank the caring corporate finisher.

"The market has an incredible amount to offer, but you are a good investment."

Inga Menke

  • Age: 27 years
  • single
  • lives in Lüdinghausen
  • Occupation: Speech therapist

Inga lives in a two-room flat and likes it cosy, homely and clean. Scented candles always make her feel at home and she loves to travel with her boyfriend. In the evenings, she likes to relax on the couch with a glass of wine and watch her favourite series. What she particularly likes about her job as a speech therapist is working with children, because Inga herself longs for a little family of her own. She is very appreciated by her colleagues and always takes care of them with home-baked goods. She is helpful, always positive and familiar.

Inga the warm-hearted word acrobat.

"I never believed in the great love, but with you I have arrived."

Max Notthoff

  • Age: 26 years
  • single and single
  • lives in a shared flat
  • Occupation: Student of sports science

Max studied brewing in Munich at his parents' request because he was supposed to take over their traditional brewery afterwards. However, he soon realised that this did not match his abilities and interests, so he changed his course of study. Now Max is studying sports science in Münster and can also live out his preference for outdoor sports in his private life. He is curious, spontaneous and longs for variety and independence

Max, the rakish sports scientist.

"I was never the type for anything long-term, but now I feel comfortable because I can enjoy my freedom."

Claudia Wiederhorst

  • 33 years old
  • single
  • lives in Münster
  • Profession: Goldsmith

Claudia trained as a goldsmith in Düsseldorf and after careful consideration decided to take a job in Münster. Now she works for a reputable goldsmith's workshop in Münster and loves her job more than anything! She never had any reservations about changing her life and place of residence, because Claudia is not afraid of change. She knows exactly what she can do and what she wants. Because she is determined, dominant, neat and structured. Her career comes first for her.

Claudia, the conscientious goldsmith.

"I don't like to give up the reins, but I can rely on you."

Maik Grote

  • 22 years old
  • awarded
  • comes from the Emsland, now lives in Greven
  • Occupation: Carpenter

Maik first attended the Realschule, then the Fachoberschule Technik and then did an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Today he works in a workshop for wood technology. He recently moved to Greven with his girlfriend. Mail likes to try out new things in his free time and has recently discovered longboarding. He is a straightforward, reflective type and appreciates the closeness to his home, the Emsland. At work he is the good soul and always has a nice saying on his lips. He is sociable, curious about people and optimistic.

Maik, the woodworm who is close to home.

"I know my strengths, but you make me weak."