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The funding programme unternehmensWert:Mensch supports small and medium-sized enterprises in developing sustainable, employee-oriented human resources work. There are four thematic areas to choose from: adapting personnel management to the changed business processes, implementing more equal opportunities and diversity in the company, doing more for the health care of employees or working on strategies for continuous competence and knowledge transfer.

In which area the companies have the greatest need for action, they analyse together with the advisors of the Münsterland Regional Agency in a free initial meeting. With the help of qualified, external consultants and in close exchange with their employees, the companies then develop and implement concrete, individually tailored solutions.

small and medium-sized enterprises
- with fewer than ten employees
- with a maximum of two million euros in annual turnover or annual balance sheet total
- with at least one full-time employee subject to social insurance
- with at least two years of company existence

- free initial consultation and results discussion
- external process consultation: maximum of twelve consultant days, costing a maximum of 1000 euros per day. The financial subsidy is 80 %.


The pandemic not only accelerated the transformation of the world of work, but changed it continuously. The pandemic showed that many companies that were already digitally well-positioned before the crisis had less difficulty adapting to the further changes. Nevertheless, the pandemic left many companies in crisis.

The programme branch "Strengthened through the crisis" supports companies in establishing a resilient and innovative corporate culture in order to be able to master the COVID 19 pandemic and its consequences well and sustainably and to be prepared for further crises.

With the funded advisory services under the new programme branch, SMEs are supported in improving their crisis management and in identifying, co-designing and establishing the changes in work organisation and corporate culture triggered by the Corona pandemic. The focus is on the opportunities offered by virtual communication, remote personnel management and home office solutions.


The new programme branch "Women in Tech" supports companies in the IT and tech sector in attracting women to the industry and keeping them in the company in the long term. The programme thus responds to the fact that women are still significantly underrepresented in a key future industry of digitalisation and that their employment relationships are less stable.

In the programme branch, SMEs are advised on how they can ensure more equal opportunities and set up their human resources management in a holistic, diversity-oriented way. This explicitly includes LGBTI*-oriented HR management (LGBTI stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and inter). The aim is to establish a diverse corporate culture - as part of a joint process with the workforce.

Small and medium-sized enterprises
- with fewer than 250 employees
- and an annual turnover of 50 million euros.

- free initial counselling
- maximum of 15 counselling days and nine months costing a maximum of 1000 euros per day. Funding is 80 per cent.

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Rita Ixmann
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