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Career development counselling

Support for all those who want to advance or change professionally is offered by the free career development counselling. It helps those seeking advice to formulate short- and long-term goals and to find the appropriate professional reorientation.

The staff in the certified counselling centres look individually at which skills already exist and which still need to be developed. Together with the person seeking advice, they work out a suitable solution in detail and thoroughly and analyse the chances on the labour market for this very precisely. The counsellors also provide information about possible further training opportunities and financial support options.

In addition, career development counselling can also be used as initial counselling for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad.

  • ... would like to advance professionally.
  • ... would like to take a completely new professional direction.
  • ... would like to return to work after a family phase.
  • ... has the opportunity or the assignment to take on new tasks in the company.
  • ... would like to reorientate themselves because their professional qualifications are no longer in demand.
  • ... not only want to work as a mini-jobber and want to change and expand their professional activities.
  • ... does not have a vocational qualification and would like advice on how to obtain it.
  • ... for personal reasons can no longer pursue the profession they have learned and are looking for alternatives.
  • ... would like information on the recognition procedures for professional qualifications acquired abroad.
  • Up to nine hours of free, individual counselling

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Charlotte Vennemann
© Münsterland e.V./Arne Pöhnert
Charlotte Vennemann
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© Münsterland e.V./Arne Pöhnert
Alexandra Poppenborg