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Prospects in working life

Many employees no longer have continuous and straightforward employment biographies as they used to. They change employers voluntarily or forced to do so, have to take on new tasks due to company restructuring or as a result of their own career planning, and are required to constantly update and expand their skills. Current developments and changes in the world of work, such as digitalisation, the mobility and energy transition and climate protection, bring new challenges.


In such situations of upheaval, employees as well as those returning to work are often faced with many questions:

  • How can I reorient myself professionally or improve myself?
  • How can I re-enter working life after a longer break?
  • Can my professional qualifications acquired abroad be recognised and how?
  • What will the labour market look like in the future in a certain sector and region?
  • Where exactly do I want to be professionally in a few years?
  • Where can I complete further training that suits me and how can I finance it?

The need for information and counselling can be manifold. Professional career counselling can help with professional (re)orientation. This is what the counselling service "Perspectives in Working Life (PiE)" stands for, which supports people in career change processes who live and work in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The offer is also aimed at all those who want to have their professional qualifications acquired abroad recognised and use them for their professional career. The "Fachberatung zur Anerkennung im Ausland erworbener Berufsqualifikationen (FBA)" is part of the counselling programme "Perspektiven im Erwerbsleben (PiE)".

The free counselling is provided by qualified counsellors and is funded by the ESF funding phase 2021-2027. The state government is thus making an important contribution to securing skilled labour. Counselling centres of the "Perspectives in Working Life" (PiE) funding programme are located throughout NRW and can be found on the website

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Charlotte Vennemann
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