Marvin Alex-Rohde and his father Rainer are convinced that an apprenticeship is the right step for many.
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Aus(bildungs)checker: Because training pays off

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Your son disappears into the workshop for hours on end? Your daughter prefers to be on the construction site? Perfect conditions for starting an apprenticeship. Here we show you why. With our apprenticeship checkers! We let apprentices and their parents have their say, tell their story and show how parents support their children on their journey through life. For many young people, the exchange within the family plays an important role in their career choice.

Speaking of support, you can also get it from the many institutions in the region that pave the way to training for you or your children. More about this and exciting offers from the region can be found below. There, your children can get inspired by many educational opportunities.

Joint initiative for a stable training market

The Münsterland Regional Agency has launched the "Aus(bildungs)checker)" campaign together with the NRW Training Consensus and the municipal coordination offices. In doing so, they are participating in the NRW Ministry of Labour's call to stabilise the training market.

Parent Coaching on 04 September

Lara Hellenkemper Lara Hellenkemper
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"Mum I'm going to be an Influencer! - Talk about tomorrow today"

When? 04 September (Saturday), 09.00 to 17.00 hrs.

Where? Allwetterzoo Münster, Sentruper Straße 315, 48161 Münster (free parking and free zoo visit)

Speaker: Annette Mönsters

Parent coaching - How do we let go and still give support on the way to work and education?

When their own child has finished school, parents usually ask themselves how they can best support them in their choice of studies and career. There is a balancing act to be mastered: on the one hand, giving the child the freedom to develop him or herself, and on the other hand, supporting the child with life experience. The seminar aims to inform parents how they can support their child in making an independent and yet sustainable decision.

Our speaker and parent coach Annette Mönsters, will help you gain the right access to your child in difficult situations and during conflict talks, answering essential questions such as "Why does my child dream of a career as an influencer?" Or "How do I get to know my child and his/her point of view better?".

Participation is free of charge. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15. Registrations are possible via the contact form below.

  • Ole Mohrmann Training stories Ole Mohrmann
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    Screwing around with cars has always been Ole's thing. Lara, meanwhile, prefers to work on the building site, putting stone on stone. And Britta is the good soul in the doctor's office. The parents are happy that their children are going their own way, whether as budding automotive mechatronics technicians, bricklayers or medical assistants. What is so exciting about an apprenticeship? Here, Ole, Lara, Britta and Co. tell their stories - and their parents also have their say.

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The Münsterland Makes it Possible: Training in the Region

The Münsterland economic region is full of exciting opportunities, with numerous apprenticeship places in very different areas. Whether in the skilled trades, industry or the public sector - there are offers everywhere. Here we give you an overview.

Training in Münsterland: Exciting and versatile Training in Münsterland: Exciting and versatile
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Training in Münsterland
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