Münsterland has numerous exciting training companies.
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Training opportunities

Training opportunities in Münsterland

The Münsterland economic region is full of exciting opportunities, with numerous apprenticeship places in very different areas. Whether in the skilled trades, industry or the public sector - there are offers everywhere. Here we give you an overview.

Training Night in the Borken District

On 18 November 2021 from 5 to 8 p.m. , the Night of Apprenticeship of the district of Borken will take place. Here, current trainees, trainers and other contact persons, pupils and their parents will provide information on the topic of training and give exciting insights into their companies. The event is free of charge and can be attended without registration. You can find more information and the participating companies here.


Under the name "AusbildungKlarmachen", the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has developed an information platform for young people, parents, employers and teachers in cooperation with the self-government partners. The internet platform bundles all information and offers on the topic of training in one place.

You can find more information on the various offers here.

Make a career in the health and care sector!

Do you like being with people? Then why not do an apprenticeship in nursing?
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You are "good with people"? Perfect, welcome to nursing! Get excited about your future in health and care professions - because they are more important than ever and are needed everywhere. That's why the Regional Agency Münsterland and the Municipal Coordination Office of the District of Warendorf are currently holding an exhibition to provide information about this branch of training.

Have we aroused your interest? Great! In an accompanying booklet, which you can download below, you will find addresses of companies where you can do your career exploration day or your school internship. This way you can find out whether a health or nursing profession is your thing. We also tell you what requirements you need to meet and introduce you to trainees who can tell you about their experiences.

Youth Craft Factory: Apprentices give insights

The "Youth Craft Factory" network of the Steinfurt-Warendorf District Guild of Skilled Crafts consists of pupils and apprentices in the skilled crafts and shows a new way of career orientation. On the website youthcraftfactory.de, the young people report on their training in blogs and vlogs. They also take interested people into their everyday lives and give them exclusive insights on a YouTube and Instagram channel. In this way, students can be inspired and gather ideas for their own future.

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Parents' Internship - Mum's Day

Parents are often the first point of contact for young people when it comes to choosing a career. With the "Mums' Day" format, the Steinfurt-Warendorf District Trade Association specifically addresses the parents of teenagers and young adults. On behalf of many other parents, mother Ilka was on the road and completed aparent internship in various trades every week. Now her impressions can be found on the Youtube channel of the Steinfurt-Warendorf District Association of Skilled Cra fts.

Dream jobs in the skilled trades

Through the "Dream Jobs in the Skilled Crafts" campaign, the Coesfeld District Skilled Crafts Association informs young interested people about the various occupational profiles in the skilled crafts through special publications in the local newspaper and special radio broadcasts. You can find information on the dream jobs in the skilled crafts that have already been published and on further publication dates here.

Apprenticeship radar of the chambers of crafts

The apprenticeship radar offers you easy access to available apprenticeships or internships in current skilled trades. Search for suitable training companies nationwide with just a few clicks. Clearly arranged lists or maps simplify navigation and lead you quickly to the results!

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Training seeks young talent: IHK informs parents

How does the child find the right training company? And what are the career opportunities in the different professions? Applying in times of Corona? Parents can help their offspring start their careers. The North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Nord Westfalen) provides valuable tips on how parents can support their child in the search for a training place. If you are interested, you can find out more and register free of charge on the following website:

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IHK North Westphalia: Perfectly fitting staffing

The IHK's "Passgenaue Besetzung" programme advises young people on all aspects of applying for jobs and on specific training places in industry and commerce. The advice is completely free of charge. You can register online at your convenience. You can find more information here.

IHK Apprenticeship Exchange

In the IHK apprenticeship exchange, you can search quickly and easily by desired occupation, location and radius. Or you can register and create an application with up to three apprenticeship occupations. You will then be informed by e-mail about current training opportunities.

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Matching advisors connect young people and companies

The company Metallwerke Renner GmbH has been successfully training apprentices for many years. This year too, Jürgen Henke, fourth-generation managing director of Metwallwerke Renner, was looking for a suitable apprentice for his company. A business contact drew his attention to the Matching Advisor programme and Jürgen Henke was immediately taken with the idea. The very next day he contacted the Matching Advisor and quickly received a response. In a joint meeting, the matching advisor and Jürgen Henke discussed the advertised position and all other important criteria, and just two weeks later the matching advisor sent the profile of a suitable trainee. The matching advisor then made an appointment for an open interview and a tour of the company with the trainee and the Renner company.

"I had very little work from the matching advisor and the communication was flawless" "Jürgen Henke reports."

After an initial meeting with the potential apprentice, the managing director offered the young person a non-binding one-week work placement. After that, it was clear to both of them: they had found what they were looking for. The company Metallwerke Renner now has a new apprentice and there is one apprenticeship seeker less on the training market. A complete matching success!

Jürgen Henke emphasises: "I am very enthusiastic about the programme and have already recommended it to other companies. Normally we would have had to analyse all the training portals we use and check them ourselves. The Matching Advisor programme has relieved us of this work. It is a welcome additional help from outside."

More information about the Matching Advisors programme can be found here.

Matching advisors from the region

District of Steinfurt

Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf
Contact: Jens Böckenfeld
Laugestraße 51
48431 Rheine
Phone: 05971 4003 6020
E-mail: jens.boekenfeld@kh-st-waf.de
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District of Borken

Berufsbildungsstätte Westmünsterland
Contact: Sahra Seifert
Weidenstraße 2
48683 Ahaus
Telephone: 0151 23270604
E-mail: sahra.seifert@bbs-ahaus.de
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District of Coesfeld

Gesellschaft für Berufsförderung und Ausbildung mbH - Geba
Contact: Dorothea Höltershinken
Borg 11
59348 Lüdinghausen
Phone: 02591 7990742
E-mail: hoeltershinken@geba-muenster.de
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District of Warendorf

SBH West
Contact: Michael Willems
Lütkeweg 11
59229 Ahlen
Phone: 02382 8899962
E-mail: michael.willems@sbh-west.de
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City of Münster

SBH West
Contact: Marie Clemens
Lütkeweg 11
59229 Ahlen
Phone: 0251 97420923, 0151 11020655
E-mail: marie.clemens@sbh-west.de
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No degree without connection

The state project of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs "Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss" ("No graduation without connection") helps to facilitate the transition from school to work for young people. The municipal coordination offices play a central role in the implementation of the state project. They network the actors in the respective municipalities and bundle all activities and services related to the topic of transition from school to work on site. In addition, they offer digital alternatives to career guidance for young people in times of Corona.

Contact persons at the municipal coordination offices

Steinfurt district

Contact: Sara Morais Teixeira
Tecklenburger Str. 10
48565 Steinfurt
Phone: 02551 69 1580
E-mail: sara.morais.teixeira@kreis-steinfurt.de

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District of Borken

Contact: Rita Krümplemann
Burloer Str. 93
46325 Borken
Phone: 02861 681 4140
E-mail: r.kruempelmann@kreis-borken.de

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District of Coesfeld

Contact: Julia Hörbelt
Schützenwall 18
48653 Coesfeld
Phone: 02541 18 9026
E-mail: julia.hoerbelt@kreis-coesfeld.de

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District of Warendorf

Contact: Aynur Tur
Waldenburger Str. 2
48231 Warendorf
Phone: 02581 53 4045
E-mail: aynur.tur@kreis-Warendorf.de

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City of Münster

Contact: Claudia Isermeyer
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 110
48153 Münster
Phone: 02514 92 4072
E-mail: Isermeyer@stadt-muenster.de

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Career choice passport NRW

Welcome to the jungle of a thousand possibilities. After school, the world is open to you, but what should your future look like? The Berufswahlpass NRW helps you with your questions and supports you on your way into working life. You can find out more about applying for jobs, get tips for job interviews, learn more about internships, apprenticeships and studies, and learn how to analyse your strengths.

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Click here: Digital Services of the Employment Agency

Many things can be done most quickly online: That's why the Federal Employment Agency has digital services. There you can find information on job exchanges, post a job application yourself or find out more about choosing a profession or course of study. Support options during training are also listed here, for example, when it comes to vocational training allowance.

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BA Training Centre for the Application

Whether you are applying for a job, going to an interview or taking a recruitment test, the Federal Employment Agency can help you with your application. At the BA Training Centre, the Rheine Employment Agency gives you the opportunity to register for services such as career guidance, online seminars and application assistance.

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Training placement and youth employment agency at the Jobcenter Kreis Warendorf

In the training placement service, the staff of the Warendorf District Job Centre support young people on their way to training. With professional assistance, they thus facilitate the transition from school to work. The Youth Employment Agency advises and helps young people in the "jungle of authorities" and, in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and the youth welfare offices, supports them in finding the right contact persons.

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Training with a disability

The chances of getting an in-company training place are low for many young people with disabilities. This is not only due to the demands of the training market, but often also to the scepticism of many entrepreneurs: they fear performance deficits and additional work. But they are wrong: with professional support, young people with disabilities can successfully complete an apprenticeship.

More information is available in the brochure of the NRW Ministry of Labour.

Contact persons in the integration services

Coesfeld and Borken districts

Contact: Andrea Brauckhoff
Röntgenstr. 6
46325 Borken
Phone: 02861 8029318

Steinfurt district

Contact: Josef Wenning
Breite Strasse 10
49477 Ibbenbüren
Phone: 05971 9488235

District of Warendorf

Contact: Matthias Wehkamp
Warendorfer Str. 81
59227 Ahlen
Phone: 02382 8556398

City of Münster

Contact: Annemarie Stückenschneider
Dahlweg 112
48153 Münster
Phone: 0251 98628933

The Hengst employer in Münster The Hengst employer in Münster
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Browse directly with employers from the region

Do you already have an idea of which employer in the region you could start an apprenticeship with or which industry you particularly like? Then you might find what you are looking for on the page about the top employers in Münsterland.

Many of them regularly train apprentices in a wide variety of professions. In the medical field as well as in the commercial sector or in administration. More...

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