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Britta Fritsch and her father Reinhold from Senden
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The fairy godmother in the doctor's office

Britta Fritsch becomes a medical assistant - and makes her father Reinhold more than proud.

For Britta Fritsch it was clear from an early age: "I want to do an apprenticeship. In which field? She didn't know for a long time. Until she did a two-week school internship in a doctor's office. After that, her decision was made. Her father Reinhold would have supported Britta in any decision, as he explains: "She was free to choose. However, I wanted something solid. A profession in which you can also continue your education at a later date."

That is possible in Britta's current profession. For her, the small insight during the internship was enough, after that it was clear for her: "I want to become a medical assistant." And preferably in the field of ophthalmology. Britta was interested in this field from the very beginning. So she went looking for training and found what she was looking for thanks to a job exchange. Nothing stood in the way of training at an eye centre.

Further training is important

The practice where Britta now works has many exciting areas and tasks that she is confronted with every day. Britta particularly enjoys everything to do with billing. She would also like to continue her education in this field in the future. "You can't stand still in this area either, because the subject is always evolving," she says and is confident that she is up to the task.

Father Reinhold is proud of his daughter. Also because the expertise required for Britta's profession is very complex. "As parents, we were often over-qualified. But when it works out in the end, we are very happy.

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