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Additional training places for young people who have problems with the transition from school to work are promoted by the NRW training programme. Companies that create additional training places in regions with a lack of training places receive a monthly subsidy of 400 euros for the first two years in addition to the training allowance.

The training places are offered in occupations with good chances of being taken on by the company and which are also in realistic demand among young people. The training places are set up and filled in cooperation with employment agencies, job centres, providers and companies. In addition, a certified training provider supports and supervises the companies and young people.

The NRW training programme thus helps as many young people as possible to obtain a training qualification. At the same time, it supports companies that lack suitable applicants but are overwhelmed with the training of young people with increased support needs due to a lack of human and socio-educational resources. After all, training is doubly important: for the companies to secure qualified skilled workers and for the young people as a basic prerequisite for professional success and social participation.

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More information from the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs is available here.

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