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Living in Münsterland
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Idyll and nature
Living in the country

Münsterland - Living in the countryside

Münsterland owes its charm to its many (small) towns and idyllic places. Over 60 smaller towns and communities offer you plenty of space and opportunities to feel at home: Historic town centres, residential areas in the countryside, charming old buildings, cosy renovated "Kotten", but also modern flats with a view of the picturesque landscape, lots of space, peace and nature await you.

But living in the countryside in Münsterland also means in most cases: Being in the city or at work in no time at all. From many villages you can commute easily into the city, have short distances and often reach Münster in half an hour or three quarters of an hour. Depending on the location, the Ruhr area, the Netherlands or East Westphalia are also easy to reach. The infrastructure in the countryside is particularly well suited for families with children. The communities in Münsterland offer local schools and a variety of childcare options for the little ones. The diverse range of leisure, cultural and sporting activities usually leaves nothing to be desired.

Search and find real estate in the countryside

Dreams still come true in Münsterland. Even though prices for houses and flats are following the general real estate trend overall and becoming more expensive, there are still numerous niches to be discovered when building, buying or renting.

Münsterland is an experienced commuter region. Living in Münster and working in the surrounding area or vice versa is everyday life for many Münsterlanders. The cities and municipalities in Münsterland are therefore working hard on a joint mobility concept to make living and working as ideal as possible for everyone.

Property prices - an overview

Like everywhere else in Germany, property prices in Münsterland and the city of Münster are subject to constant change. Here we give you a rough guide and first impression of property prices in the region:

Average purchase price house in € / m²Average rental price house in € / m²Average purchase price flat in € / m²Average rent for a flat in € / m²
Münsterland2.20072.1005 to 7
Münster3.90010 to 124.60010 to 12

Sources: www.wohnungsboerse.net, www.nrwbank.de, www.wfm-muenster.de/immobilienmarkt-muenster

Places of residence in Münsterland

More than 60 villages are waiting for you in Münsterland. Many have one, others several small districts - but all are embedded in the Münsterland park landscape with plenty of space for living, cycling, riding or playing.

Click through the town profiles and see where you like it. We have compiled information for you on location, accessibility, shopping, leisure and childcare facilities:

Advice on the choice of residence

Do you need guidance and support in choosing where to live? The Onboarding@Münsterland service, in cooperation with the districts and municipalities, helps you to live your dream home and find the right one for you - alone, as a couple or with your family. We give you answers to your questions about living:

  • Where will new building areas be created in the near future and what prices should I expect?
  • How rural do I live in which place?
  • Which places have particularly good transport connections?

Whether you want to buy or rent an old building or build a new home, we will support you!

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment for a consultation:

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